5 Field Service Myths Unraveled and Debunked

It’s okay to break away from tradition and question what you think you know in order to move forward…

When you were a kid you were probably told a few myths by adults or older kids who wanted to mess with you. It’s no different when you become the adult. Myths are all around us and can affect our decisions and perceptions. Just like you probably believed that swallowing a watermelon seed would cause a watermelon to grow in your belly, you may be buying into  some myths about the field service industry. Here’s a few of those myths unraveled, revealed and debunked:

Field Service Myth #1: Service companies have to stick to traditional forms of marketing

It’s true that not all forms of marketing work for every industry, but the myth that traditional marketing works best for field service companies isn’t true. Companies who invest in email marketing, SEO or other forms of marketing will find themselves ahead of their competitors.

Tolin Mechanical creates useful e-books and gives them away for free in exchange for email addresses. Then they send a series of emails in an effort to convert leads into customers. This tweet is just one example of how they market the e-book in order to get free leads.

We’re at a crossroads as a society. Older generations aren’t as tech-savvy as younger generations and tend to stay off the Internet when they aren’t at work or searching for something. Younger generations spend 30 minutes on Facebook on average every single day! That doesn’t even include other social networks. And while social media isn’t the only non-traditional form of marketing that field service companies aren’t taking enough advantage of, it’s one of the most important. This brings us to myth #2…

Field Service Myth #2: Field service companies don’t need social media

Sure, you can grow your company without social media. But today’s consumers are turning to the Internet before making key decisions for their homes and families. Having a strong presence on sites like Yelp and Facebook can improve credibility and build trust with potential customers before they’ve even spoken to you. You might even get a shoutout from a fellow service pro who serves outside of your service area (a non-competitor).

Tom Moffett Plumbing shouts out Len The Plumber on Twitter.

Not to mention social media has incredible power over retention and repeat services. Encourage current customers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (whichever site you’ve chosen to use regularly;you don’t have to use them all) and post updates that are helpful to them. You’ll stay top of mind and when they need a job done, they’ll most likely think of you.

Len The Plumber celebrates World Plumbing Day and emphasizes the importance of his craft on Twitter.

Field Service Myth #3: Implementing field service software is a pain 

To put it simply… IT’S NOT. Is there a possibility that you could get frustrated along the way? Yes. Unfortunately no software you find is likely going to be a 100% perfect fit for your business, unless you build a custom solution, which can be super pricey. But when you see the glass as half full (in this case, 90% full) and look at how field service software can revolutionize your business, you’ll rest a bit easier. And when you can work with a customer success team that cares about your success, it’s a relief and can be downright, dare I say it, fun!

Field Service Myth #4: Field service software is expensive

Implementing the right systems can be the most beneficial thing you do for your bottom line. While it might seem costly at first, when you do the math, it couldn’t make more sense. Let’s say you’re using free software and apps to run your business. You’re having to enter the same data into multiple programs because nothing integrates together. You’re losing valuable time (or money paying someone else to do this) and because the possibility of human error is so high, you don’t have the visibility and control over your business operations that you need in order to grow.



Implement a field service software and not only will you improve communication, eliminate headaches and gain visibility and control over your most important metrics, but you’ll realize you’re actually working less and earning more over time and many of the issues you experienced before will dissipate. Considering this, it really pays for itself!

Field Service Myth #5: Optimization is mainly about scheduling or routes

You can optimize anything. Optimize your morning routine for peak performance during the day. Optimize your meals for optimal nutrient and minimal caloric intake. Elon Musk runs two massive multi-million dollar companies and stays sane and healthy by optimizing every second of his entire day with spreadsheets. The same can be applied to your life and business. When thinking about optimization, find inefficiencies in your business and make them more efficient. Are you having to deal with double or triple data entry for example when a system that integrates with your Quickbooks would save you a ton of time and effort? If you offer regular services to your customers, are you having to generate invoices one by one vs. being able to set up recurring invoices automatically? Think about your daily processes and tasks to find the areas you’d wish you could change.

Myths be gone…

So just like that watermelon seed that’s been sprouting in your belly since ‘85 (it’s just growing reeeaally slow), try to take traditional advice with a grain of salt and sharply question what you think you know. If we continue to see the world as a stagnant place where “things are the way they are and they aren’t going to change”we’ll never advance as a species. Tradition is important, but don’t be afraid to add a little innovation to your business (and your life).

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Last modified: March 12, 2019

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