7 Killer Examples of Field Service Companies on YouTube

YouTube is a social media platform field service companies shouldn’t ignore. As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube provides a ripe opportunity for field service companies to attract new customers and keep existing customers interested in their services. YouTube has more than 1.9 billion users who log into their YouTube account monthly and viewers watch more than one billion hours of content on YouTube daily. But attracting and maintaining your target audience’s attention requires a plan, so It’s essential to apply best practices to enhance engagement on YouTube. Instead of figuring this out on your own, you can take a cue from other field service companies. Here are seven field service companies doing well on YouTube.

1. Fox Family Heating, Air Conditioning, and Solar

Start by showing viewers what service your business offers, so they know they’re in the right place. California-based Fox Family Heating, Air Conditioning, and Solar include a description and video on their YouTube home page to show viewers the various HVAC repairs they provide and their contact information.

2. Ryan Knorr Lawn Care

If you want to engage your audience, then it’s essential to demonstrate trust. One way you can do this is through storytelling. Storytelling supports enhanced communication and gives way for people to better understand and trust a person or brand. Ryan Knorr Lawn Care achieves this through his “The Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Story” video on YouTube, where he explains how his passion for music led him to his new passion for lawn care. It garnered more than 600 likes and pulled in over 23,000 views. Knorr also includes this content on his YouTube home page.

3. Nolan Painting, Inc.

Engaging your audience on YouTube also calls for providing them with relevant content. Pennsylvania-based Nolan Painting, Inc. gets this done by showing YouTube viewers how to solve common problems with painting the home. Its “Color Matching Tool” video demonstrates how to match colors and has brought in over 28,000 views since 2015.

4. Orkin Pest Control

Your YouTube video doesn’t have to be long, but it should be relatable. Orkin Pest Control’s 15-second videos often pull in millions of views because they feature engaging content with relatable matters, such as “Gary’s granola is not fortified with rodent excrement” followed by their slogan “Home is where the bugs aren’t.”

5.Stanley Steemer

Show your audience why you’re the field service professional to build trust. Stanley Steemer demonstrates this by reminding its YouTube audience about why they offer the best carpet cleaning service, including using carpet cleaning staff that pass background checks and using hot-water extraction cleaning equipment to provide a thorough and eco-friendly way to clean carpets effectively.

6. Rossmann Repair Group, Inc.

New York-based computer repair company Rossmann Repair Group, Inc. leverages YouTube to demonstrate how the company owner fixes Macs, and other Apple products live. While the company’s main channel has close to one million subscribers, Rossmann Repair Group’s RANDOM LIVE channel exclusively features live content that features repair the business owner completes and has more than 44,000 subscribers, as of September 2019. For instance, Louis Rossmann helps viewers figure out why a Macbook isn’t charging by pulling apart the laptop live. The live video shows how Rossmann does this step-by-step and even features a live chat room where viewers can interact with each other. As a result, more than 3,000 viewers watched the content since its September 6th debut. YouTube’s Live streaming feature provides a way for you to broadcast special events in real-time and enables interaction among you, your target audience, and other viewers to improve engagement.

7.Ambro’s Landscaping, Inc.

Replying to comments and asking questions also can improve engagement. Ambro’s Landscaping does this on his video reviewing a hedge trimmer he uses.

Final Thoughts

Increasing engagement on YouTube requires thoughtful planning. But you don’t have to come up with strategies on your own. By using the tips mentioned here, you can increase engagement to keep the attention of your YouTube audience and increase your opportunity for potential sales.

Last modified: November 6, 2019

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