6 Killer Examples of Field Service Companies on Facebook

Part of growing your field service business requires reaching your audience where they are, and Facebook provides promise for achieving this goal. The social media platform has 1.59 billion active users who use Facebook daily and provides a way for businesses to grow their audiences organically and get social recommendations. Getting these results requires encouraging engagement. So, it’s vital to put best practices into action that encourage engagement. But knowing which strategies to employ doesn’t need to be a solo job. Take a cue from these six field service companies on Facebook that are crushing it:

1. GMCAir

GMCAir sets itself apart from other HVAC companies on Facebook by showing that they care for their community. For example, the company uploads images of their community events, such as honoring veterans on Memorial Day. They also show how family oriented the business is and what they do to ensure their employees are happy by providing a behind-the-scenes look at life in the office.

2. Pacific Outdoor Living Landscape Design and Construction

To engage their customers, Pacific Outdoor Living Landscape Design and Construction not only shows 3D images of work they’ve done but also videos on past projects on their Facebook page. The company also uses pinned posts to highlight important content, such as the video that was featured on HGTV. This helps homeowners see a wide range of styles the company can do for their homes. The company also utilizes its cover photo to help set the professional tone for its brand.

3. ARS Roto-Rooter

ARS Roto-Rooter uses Facebook to show how their field service technicians perform on the job by including images. Pictures make it easy to communicate ideas and helps homeowners quickly understand the services you offer. This ARS Roto-Rooter Facebook post features a field technician performing a shower repair and quickly demonstrates to its audience that the company provides this type of service.

4. Bredal Pest Management

Providing easy communication helps increase engagement on Facebook. Brenda Pest Management uses its Facebook page to facilitate communication with their field service customers. As soon as you visit its Facebook page, you can try and chat with a representative, who you can typically reach within minutes. They also respond to posts within 24 hours. Homeowners can also easily click on the FAQs to learn more about the company, such as the hours they are available and whether they can service your area.

5. Computer Nerds

With a slew of computer repair businesses online, Computer Nerds spends the time on its Facebook page to give free advice to the public on ways to save on battery power and how to prevent issues on your computer prior to happening. They also use Facebook as a method to resell refurbished products that they have fully restored.

6. Seatown Services

Seatown Electric Heating and Air uses Facebook to its full capabilities by highlighting its reviews. New and existing customers that go to their page will see recent reviews to show how great their customer service is. The company also uses Facebook to give discounts, including a 15 percent discount they provided for Teacher’s Appreciation Week.

Final Thoughts

Encouraging engagement on Facebook requires having a plan. Apply these tried-and-true methods to achieve your goals, and watch your engagement grow to help improve your bottom-line.

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Last modified: November 6, 2019

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