7 Killer Examples of Field Service Companies on Twitter

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If you want a platform to sell your field services, then Twitter is one worth using. Research shows that 60 percent of followers of a brand or business either recommend or make a purchase after following the brand or company. With Twitter, you can quickly start a conversation with your audience, increase visibility, and provide your audience with value to get them engaged. Engagement is crucial for leading prospects down the sales funnel to convert into paying customers. But if you want to stand out in front of the crowd, you have to devise engagement strategies and put them into action. Luckily, you don’t have to come up with ways to do this on your own. Check out these seven field service companies on Twitter who are engaging their audiences.

1. Bruno Total Home Performance

Field service company Bruno Total Home Performance uses Twitter to promote its HVAC and other field services for the home by incorporating videos in its posts. For instance, the audience gets to see a discussion about the team’s 2019 goals while a technician and owner get a haircut at a local barbershop in their “Five Star Fade Show” video. Showing lifestyle content helps increase engagement on social media platforms since it provides a way to connect with viewers. It’s also worth including video content in your posts on Twitter as Twitter receive 2 billion views of videos each day.

2. Helix Electric 

To encourage engagement, consider incorporating holidays into your Tweets. The holidays are a great time to connect with your audience to increase engagement. You can personalize the tone of your messages by using pronouns, such as “you” or “us.” Helix Electric @HelixElectric Twitter handle does this with its recent Labor Day post, reminding its audience to relax during the holiday and to stay safe. They also use the pronoun “you” to personalize the content.

3. IM Construction LLC

Hashtags are useful for getting your content in front of the right audience, so it’s ideal to use them. Oregon-based painting contractor IM Construction LLC uses hashtags and posts consistently every week to encourage engagement. For instance, the company uses hashtags like #exteriorpainting and #housepainting to attract prospects looking for these types of services via Twitter.

4. Dynamic Garage Door

You can also encourage engagement by sharing valuable content with your audience. Dynamic Garage Door accomplishes this by sharing the benefits of having an automatic gate installed. This Tweet not only shares helpful information that explains why the company’s services are useful but also gets prospects to visit their site, which makes it easier to lead to a sale.

5. iFix New York

Computer repair company iFix New York shares discounts to encourage engagement, such as its post promoting a special offer to replace an iPhone screen to help attract potential computer repair customers. Providing discounts can give your audience a reason to come back to your Twitter account, especially when you offer Twitter-only discounts.

6. Hometurf Lawn Care

Hometurf Lawn Care encourages engagement with its Twitter community by using pinned posts to advertise its best content or services. Pinned Tweets are ideal for promoting your content for free since they are static, and the first post your audience sees on your Twitter account. For instance, its Pinned Tweet invites its audience to learn more about the services the lawn care company offers.

7. Russo Bros. & Co.

Giving your followers an inside look of how your team collaborates off the clock also can increase engagement. The Northern New Jersey-based Russo Bros. & Co’s Twitter handle @RussoBros offers several examples of showing what their team of plumbers and other field service technicians does off the clock, including this Flag Day celebration at a local golf course.

Final Thoughts

Whether you plan to show what your team does off the clock or use hashtags, it’s essential to put Twitter best practices into place to encourage engagement. Just apply some of the tips mentioned here from strategies field service companies on Twitter use, and you’ll be on your way to encouraging the engagement you need that leads prospects down the path of sales conversion.

Last modified: November 6, 2019

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