7 Easy Ways to Get More Customer Reviews

Home service providers can sometimes overlook how critical customer reviews are to prospective clients, but check out these latest stats: 90% of clients check online reviews before contacting the business, while 88% of clients trust online reviews as they would personal recommendations.

When clients provide fantastic reviews about your services, potential customers in your area come confident and are more willing to hire a contractor from your business. Ready to learn the best and easiest ways to get more customer reviews?

1.    Set Up Profiles on Multiple Review Sites

The first step towards getting customer reviews is by providing a platform for them to post the reviews. With your profile in different sites, your customers can conveniently review your services. Some of the sites for construction reviews to consider are Google my Business, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau. In addition to this, having an active and interactive social media pages also provide a platform for the users to post reviews and ratings conveniently.

2.     Make It Easy for Customers to Leave Reviews

Reviews are more like a favor the customer is offering you when they are getting nothing in return. You better make it easier for them. Provide all the details and a transparent process to follow when creating the review. Also, activate all your social media accounts, website, and any available channels to allow for visitor comments.

3.    Request More Reviews

If you want to generate more reviews, ask. One of the easiest ways to ask for reviews is by sending a request email. After a customer job, get a guage on how happy the customer is, and their general feelings toward your job as a service pro and the specific project you completed. If you think they’ll have good feedback, send them an email requesting a review. This email should contain what they enjoy the most about your services. Also, ask if they could recommend you to their family and friends.

4.    Use Incentives

People always love a good incentive. Offering discounts, coupons, and other rewards can help you get more reviews. Combine this with social media and you can greatly increase brand awareness and traffic to your site. Have customers reshare your current posts or tag a friend to promote your business further.

5.    Actively Monitor Your Online Reviews

Concentrating on a single online site can give you a feeling that you have it all covered. Well, you might be missing good information from your csutomers on the other sites, so make sure you’re monitoring all your available channels. Consider using a review site monitoring tool to quickly get the full picture, including understanding where you need to source more reviews from. Whether it’s a home service review on Yelp or a field service review on Facebook, tools like Podium and ReviewPush, have got you covered.

6.     Pay Attention to Negative Reviews

In as much you might not like negative reviews, you can use them positively for business growth. Appreciate the feedback and work on your customer concern. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the customer and let me know you’d like to make things right. If it makes sense, you can ask them to create another review, but be mindful of their feelings. In general, handling negative views professionally and working with those customers can earn you lifelong clients, who just might be willing to promote you to others.

7.    Make Reviews Count

Other than appreciation, the customers give you reviews as opinions on your services. Instead of only appreciating the feedback and stopping at that, go ahead and put into effect the changes the clients want to see. Your customers will quickly notice if all you do is a promise to act but never does. The next time you receive a review from a homeowner, take in all the opinions, suggestions, and criticism. When you make improvements to their suggestions, you’re in a good position to reach back out and let me them know you appreciated their feedback and you made a change. Generally actions like these will lead to more positive reviews for your business if you consider the happier customers you have.


Remember to be consistent in various platforms, monitor the reviews actively, and let the reviews count. Are you looking for more information on getting online reviews for your home service business? Don’t miss our other articles that cover best practices for online reviews.

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Last modified: January 9, 2020

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