8 Essential Social Media Tips and Tricks For Your Field Service Business [Infographic]

Marketing and business discovery have come a long way in the last handful of years. Once upon a time it was possible to make a living as a business owner using nothing but word of mouth and being one of the few service providers in an area.

However, that’s not the case anymore, and now with phone books becoming a thing of the past and personal websites even becoming unused, businesses nowadays are dedicating considerable resources to reach the markets they need to grow and thrive. So, as a result, today we will be outlining eight essential tips that your field service team can use to increase your social media presence.

8 essential social media tips & tricks for your bu

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Let’s talk about these 8 social media tips and tricks for your field service business in more detail:


Make the Most of Instagram Stories

Instagram’s “Stories” platform is your best friend for engaging field service customers. The most important feature of Stories is that it automatically notifies your followers when you post a recorded story or go live with a new one; allowing you to create fantastic opportunities to engage homeowners.


Source From Your Followers

Creating consistent, high-quality Instagram content isn’t as easy as we may want it to be. Because of this, sourcing content from your followers or using them for content opportunities is a great strategy for engagement. Sharing posts and creating contests for your field service customers allows you to create growth opportunities as a contractor or home service provider.



Highlight Your Blog Content

Blogging and SEO-oriented content are cornerstones of digital marketing; but blog content often isn’t used to its full potential, and that is where Facebook comes in. Use Facebook to generate leads and direct users to your home service technician blog. This can lead to your followers also sharing your content in turn, and generating more leads and traffic to your field service company.


Use Facebook as a Hub

Your Facebook page should serve as the digital storefront for your business. Use this opportunity to treat your Facebook page as a first impression, and as a hub for all other marketing and content you produce. Connect your blog, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and all other resources to your Facebook page and lead your followers to increase your traffic across all platforms.



Tweet During Peak Times

Twitter promotes tweets by the amount of traffic and interaction they see in certain spans of time, and as a result of this it is vitally important that your tweets are both engaging and seen as much as possible within their local lifespan. Post your Tweets at high-traffic times during weekends to reach as many homeowners and potential customers as possible with your field service technician and contractor services.


Add Another Link in Your Bio

In addition to the website link you get in your profile, you should sneak in a second link in your bio to help you get more traffic or leads. Your website link can go to your homepage, but in your bio, you can promote a link to scheduling page so leads can easily book an appointment to get an estimate. A link to your customer testimonials page would be another good option as leads want to know this information.



Live by the Five Pin Rule

Pinterest operates by what is commonly referred to as the “Five Pin Rule,” which basically means that the first five pins you post a day will be the ones that receive the most promotion. So, essentially, if you’re going to post twenty pins in a day, it is important to make sure that the ones you want seen the most should be the first five you actually post.


Add Keywords to Your Pinterest Profile & Bio

Pinterest is more so a search engine than a social media site. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’re using your keywords in your bio and profile name. This will improve your overall Pinterest SEO score.


Going Forward

In the end, how you go about creating your social media presence is entirely up to you; and being unique and memorable is your greatest asset in the digital world. Whatever you choose, just remember that it is important to cast your net wide, but also know where you need to focus your efforts. Expanding into new markets is never easy, but with the right social media management you can reach new customer bases and expand your business like never before.


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Last modified: October 22, 2018

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