Get More Yelp Leads with These 3 Easy Tricks

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Businesses that pay for advertising on Yelp see an average revenue increase of $23,000 per year.




Electronic “word of mouth” and advertising are powerful. Reviews and recommendations on websites like Yelp, Facebook, and HomeAdvisor can either boost your business or make getting new customers much more difficult.

Reputation, trustworthiness and timeliness are three factors that homeowners care about when they’re shopping around for someone to work on their next project. 90% of customers say online reviews have a major impact on that decision-making process. If you’re really serious about your company’s success, it’s imperative that your online reputation shines.

Yelp is one of the main places homeowners and others looking for field services rely on to find reviews of companies they’re considering.  So if you’re a local business and you’re looking to grow the quality and quantity of customers you have, cleaning up your Yelp profile is a priority.  Here are 3 tricks to getting more Yelp leads:


If you were a homeowner that had a leaky pipe gushing water all over your kitchen, which company would you go with?


The company that responds in 1 hour is more than likely going to get this critical job over the company with a poor response time. After setting up your account, Yelp will monitor how fast you respond to your customers. This is one of the first things customers see on your page so it’s extremely important to get “in the green” by having a speedy response time.

Tip: Give quotes coming from Yelp a high priority and respond to them first in order to boost your response time.


Yelp can also be used as a marketing tool once you’ve gotten the homeowner onto your Yelp profile. You can use their “Call to Action” buttons to direct the reader to download a coupon or submit a service request.

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Yelp’s Support Center has outlined a few Call to Action best practices to follow:

  • Pick an action that isn’t already possible on your Yelp page

  • Pick the action you value most, and make sure the button text matches the page you’re linking to

  • Engage customers in a useful way – make sure there is a reason for the customer to click it

Creating a Call to Action is easy on your Yelp Business page. Go into the Call to Action section of Yelp for Business Owners and click “edit”. All Calls to Action are subject to approval and Yelp encourages you to contact your Account Manager if you have any questions.

While promotions like this can be really effective, you also want to avoid having too many on one page which can overwhelm a prospective customer. Make sure to highlight the call to action you want the customer to click first and consider duplicating it and placing it in multiple locations on your page.

Tip: Add one “Call to Action” to your page offering a deal or promotion as an incentive for customers to contact you NOW.


The reason most customers use Yelp is to view the reviews from other people like them.  Having authentic reviews from recent customers can improve your online reputation quickly.

One review isn’t going to give a homeowner a fair idea of the type of quality and service a company provides. Reviews serve as social proof and a homeowner is more likely to look at a company with several 5 star reviews rather than just one.


So if you’re starting from scratch or just have a few older reviews, how do you get started?  It’s easy; just ask.  To ensure you remember to ask, you could draft an email or card to send to all customers after the job.  It could read something like this:

“My company has really enjoyed working with you on this project!  We would really appreciate if you would share your experience on Yelp so that others can learn what it our company does.  Thank you again, and we hope to have the opportunity to work together in the future.”

Tip: Make your customers aware of your Yelp page, and ask them to review you. Put a small statement inviting your customers to “Review Us On Yelp!” on your electronic invoice and put it on your website as well. Don’t forget to include a link to your Yelp profile to make it easier for the customers!



Prioritize responding to Yelp requests to maintain a fast response time

Add “calls to action” to your Yelp profile to drive action

Encourage customers to leave a review on Yelp



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Last modified: November 28, 2016

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