5 Reasons Why Map View Routing Matters in Field Service

In the field service industry, the importance of customer service and efficient appointment scheduling go hand in hand. Customers have come to expect a high standard of service when it comes to booking their appointments and having technicians show up late or rescheduling their visits can leave the customer feeling like they should hire someone else.


Being able to manage the scheduling, routing, and dispatching of your field service business efficiently is an integral part of maintaining healthy customer relationships. Map view routing can assist in these efforts by providing an optimized method for scheduling visits and providing turn-by-turn directions to field representatives.


Here are five ways that map view routing systems can benefit your business.

Optimal Driving Times

Map view routing uses advanced GPS tracking capabilities to identify the fastest routes to take when scheduling and traveling to new appointments. This efficiency makes it much easier to book multiple jobs on the same day and ensures that field service reps can commit to their scheduling.


Plan Efficient Routes Without New, Expensive Hardware 

Some field management solutions try to get you to buy special, expensive equipment for GPS tracking. With mHelpDesk, your team will just use their smartphones to have accurate, up-to-date location tracking and turn-by-turn directions with its Google Map integration.

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Route Prioritization

Depending on the location of jobs within a specific zone or territory, map view routing can help to build out the most effective daily routes for field service reps to take. Advanced prioritization of particular jobs based on their geographical locations helps field service reps plan their days efficiently and ensure customers are getting their service when they expect it. Another great feature of map view routing is that it takes into account typical traffic delays and road closures, helping technicians maximize their route planning and the number of jobs they’re able to complete in a day.


Increased Productivity

Taking the time to plan your routes can be very time-consuming and can distract from what’s most important – serving your customers. Map view routing systems take the guesswork out of the building and planning of your routes and instead allows reps to focus on taking care of their customer’s needs and ensuring they maximize their available bandwidth. Dispatch can easily assign new jobs to their reps based on their current job locations and proximity to a new customer’s site. This reduces the amount of time spent trying to contact a representative and discuss their availability.


Turn on mHelpDesk’s Map Feature to Track Jobs and Staff

mHelpDesk users, are you taking advantage of our Maps feature? Go to Settings > Add-Ons and turn on the Map & Geo-Tracking option to get started. Now you’ll be able to go to Map and see the location of your jobs or technicians on the map. Just go to either Job or Team.

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Reduced Operational Costs

Field service jobs can be hugely taxing on fleet vehicles and the cost to keep them operating. Putting on extra mileage over the years can add up to many vehicle maintenances and repairs costs. Add to these the cost of the fuel required to operate, and this becomes a significant expense year after year. However, with map view routing, you’re able to optimize each of your routes efficiently, significantly reducing the time spent driving to and from each location. This helps you to get the most amount of value out of your service vehicles over time.Divider

Improved Customer Experience

The most impactful benefit of map view routing systems is their ability to help improve the overall customer experience. Better scheduling and routing of field service appointments help ensure that customers can get the service they need without unnecessary delays, cancellations, or missed assignments.  As an intuitive field service management solution that gives you full control over your scheduling and effective routing planning, mHelpDesk lets you set new and recurring appointments as needed and effectively builds out optimized routes to those appointments.


Assign Jobs Right Within Our Maps Feature 

With mHelpDesk, everything’s convenient. With Map, you’ll quickly be able to see all unscheduled jobs, designated as a ren pin, on your map and then choose which technician it should be assigned to based on their location.

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Wrap Up

Map view routing is an extremely beneficial tool when optimizing field service routes and keeping customers happy. By having complete visibility over each territory in real-time, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions when it comes to scheduling, routing and dispatching of your field service representatives.


Blind scheduling is inefficient and costly

mHelpDesk’s routine feature is much more than an online map. Start scheduling the right jobs to the right techs. Schedule a free demo of mHelpDesk today!

Last modified: November 1, 2018

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