11 Reasons It’s Time to Give Your Techs a Mobile App

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If your field service techs are still writing up service orders using a pen and paper, you are might be losing business to your more tech-savvy competitors. Adopting a mobile app for your technicians not only improves efficiency, but offers your customers a much better experience. Below are just a few benefits you’ll want to consider:

1. You want to have all you need, wherever you are

A mobile app will give your field technicians all of the information they need for the job before they arrive to the jobsite, such as past service at the address, any promises made to the customer, and the make and model of the equipment. Your techs can also access any updates or messages that might have gone to the office staff right in the mobile app as well.

2. You want to meet consumers’ expectations

Customers no matter what the industry want optimal service. With a mobile app, your technicians will have access to all of the data they seek, 24/7 to be able to provide the best and fastest service.

3. You want to impress your customers

A mobile app will make you look good in front of your customers. You will be able to show your customers how far you’ve grown from the pen and paper days; that you’re tech savvy and on top of things.

4. You want to improve efficiecncy

A mobile app can help your technicians do what they are trained to do, rather than get bogged down with paperwork. That can’t help but improve the number of calls they can make in a day as well as the technicians’ morale.

5. You want to help your team pivot more easily

Few days ever go as scheduled in the real world. With a mobile app, your techs can be rescheduled easily when someone cancels without having to check back in with the main office. You’ll be able to easily pull up your calendar and everyone else’s in case you can’t cover the new appointment.

6. You want to eliminate paperwork errors

Since information only has to be input into the system once, the risk of human error is dramatically reduced. Even for recurring jobs and invoices, you only need to put in the information once and the system will take care of everything. This is just another way a mobile app improves efficiency and customer service.

7. You want faster payment processing

Payments can be put directly into the mobile app, allowing for instant debit/credit card approval. Gone are the days of technicians having to call in payments and wait on hold while they are processed. Your mobile app will also capture customer signatures electronically, which reduces the risk of fraud.

8. You want location tracking

Sometimes, you have an emergency call and need to locate a technician right away. Since the mobile app tracks all of your technicians in real-time, you’ll know who is best able to take the call.

9. You want real-time updates

Cloud-based regular syncing means that your in-house or office team will have the same information as the field technician, even which the tech is still on the call.

10. You want easier scheduling

Your office managers can see the schedule for all of the technicians at one time as well as who has had a cancellation and who is running ahead of schedule. That helps to minimize the technicians’ downtime and for last-minute or same-day emergency appointments, that the right technician is sent to the job.

11. You want a seamless experience for your customers

All of these benefits combine to provide your customers a more seamless experience. They won’t have to repeat themselves to your various staff members as everyone on the team will have access to their the information. This mean your service calls will be more efficient and they will have an easier time scheduling appointments or talking through their concerns.

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Last modified: August 23, 2019

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