5 Ways to Inspire & Motivate Your Field Service Technicians

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If your field service technicians are not motivated to give you their best every day, your business will suffer. Service technicians are the face of your organization, and customers watch them closely while they’re on the job. If your techs seem bored and disinterested in the work, it will affect the way customers view your entire operation. Adopting just a few simple strategies can light a fire under your employees that improve every aspect of your business and with just a few days into the new year, now’s the perfect time to implement these strategies.

1. Invest in Your Team

Budgets are tight, so it may be a challenge to find the cash to fund new training and certification opportunities for your technicians. But making these investments shows your team that you’re committed to helping them be the best they can be, and that yours is a company that cares about progress. Techs who are excited about learning new skills and systems will feel grateful about working for a company that pays for that training.

Not sure what type of training or other investment would be most effective for your team? Ask them! People feel valued when their employers ask for their feedback and actually listen to it.

2. Reward Them

Money is an incredibly effective motivator. Start a new program that ties financial rewards to certain achievements. For example, offer a commission to any tech who brings in a new customer, or send surveys to all your customers and give a cash bonus to the person who gets the best reviews each month. Alternately, set a goal for each tech to meet each month and enter everyone who meets that goal into a lottery for cash prizes or gift cards.

3. Give Them Growth Opportunities

Some of your best employees may have career aspirations beyond being field techs. Rather than keeping them in their jobs (and risking losing them to other companies), give them opportunities to advance within your company. Give your talented techs more responsibilities and an upgrade in title, or pair them with senior employees for mentoring.

4. Build a Community

Service technicians are constantly on the move, so they may feel disconnected from their coworkers and managers. Help them to feel like a valued part of a team by organizing regular get-togethers. Hold a monthly catered breakfast, schedule weekly lunches or sponsor company activities like bowling nights or picnics. Opt for family-friendly events outside of working hours so employees can bring their spouses and kids along too. They value their families more than anything, so you’ll win major bonus points if you value their families too.

5. Equip Them with the Right Tools

It’s disheartening to do your job with inadequate tools, or to waste your time on administrative tasks. If your field technicians have to spend an hour a day tracking their hours, scheduling jobs, looking up directions to the next job and calling or emailing customers with updates, they’re bound to be frustrated–and frustrated employees don’t do their best work. Take a lot of that busy work out of their hands so they can spend their time focusing on the tasks that they actually enjoy: helping customers.

Ultimately, giving your employees the best tools isn’t a selfless gesture. When they work efficiently, you can take on more work. That allows you to build your business and improve your bottom line. Now that’s a win-win. mHelpDesk has all the tools you need to help your service technicians operate at their highest level. Contact us today at (888)558-6275 to find out more information or schedule your free demo.


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Last modified: May 2, 2018

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