Why We’re Launching mHelpDeskGO

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Steven Zimmerman is a Product Manager at mHelpDesk

Do you use subcontractors to help complete your jobs? Do you need to give some team members access to view just their jobs and information related to those jobs? Great news! We have a new app coming soon for you called mHelpDeskGO!

We’ve heard from many of our service pros who use subcontractors who want a better way to provide job details to them without giving full access to their mHelpDesk accounts. The same can be said for companies who have employees who only really need to see the jobs they need to complete and the information related to those jobs. These are the reasons we created mHelpDeskGO, which is built around a new Limited Staff user role.

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Get What You Need With mHelpDeskGO

So how will the new app work? mHelpDeskGO users will be able to view their jobs in a schedule or list view along with job details and perform basic actions, such as adding a note, attaching a photo, and changing a job’s status. If you want to limit access further, like making sure users don’t see job contact details or users don’t have have the ability to change job statuses, we’ve created permissions you can set up.

Note: Limited staff users will only be able to login to mHelpDeskGO; they will not be able to login to the web application or our current mobile app. In addition, you must have an active mHelpDesk account to sign up and use mHelpDeskGo.

We’re excited to bring this new mobile app to you soon! mHelpDeskGO will be available on both iOS and Android, launching on iOS first. If you’re interested in early access, please fill out our quick form here! We’ll keep you updated when the app is ready!


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Last modified: December 19, 2018

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