Keep All Your Appointments in One Place with Google Calendar Integration

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It can be a real pain to keep track of all your appointments when you’re forced to keep multiple calendars. That’s why mHelpDesk has a quick and easy two-way integration with Google Calendar. It has never been easier to get your personal and business appointments all in one place for maximum organization!

To integrate your Google Calendar with mHelpDesk, start by clicking your name in the upper right corner of your account. Then click on My Account.

This will take you to the Account Information section, which contains information about your user profile. It also contains information about your mHelpDesk account and subscription if you’re the Admin of the account.

Next, click Google Calendar in the left hand menu.

Then click the blue Connect with Google button to get started!

You’ll be asked to sign into the Google account you’d like to connect.

Sign in as normal, entering your email address or phone number, then click Next. Then enter the password for your Google account.

If you have 2 Step Verification active for your Google account,  you’ll then be asked to verify that you are trying to sign into the account.

You’ll also be asked to verify that mHelpDesk has permission to access and edit your calendars. Click Allow to grant this permission.

Once permission is granted, you’ll be shown the Google calendars that you’re able to connect. Select the one you’d like to integrate, or click Create New Google Calendar to make a new one.

Once you’ve got the calendar selected,  you’re all set! From this point forward, appointments added to your calendar in mHelpDesk with appear on your Google Calendar and vice versa! Say so long to the days of jumping back and forth between two or three calendars. Now you have more time to focus on what matters: your business!

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Last modified: July 19, 2019

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