7 Mistakes That Can Cost You The Job: A Guide for Service Businesses

DividerEstablishing long-term client relationships is essential for the success of any business. This is especially the case in the field service industry where day-to-day customer interactions are part of the job. However, over time it can become easy to lose focus on the importance of building and sustaining these relationships and potentially miss out on new and recurring business opportunities.

Here are seven common mistakes that should be avoided by field service professionals to ensure long-lasting business relationships.


1. Not Following Up With Inquiries

Answering customer inquiries and following up with service requests in a timely manner are essential aspects of the field service industry. Customers want to know that their business is important for the companies they work with and unnecessary delays when addressing their inquiries tells customers that they should look elsewhere for their service needs.

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2. Bad Customer Support

Customer service experiences and reviews can make or break businesses in any industry. Since this is the case, field service businesses should take the necessary time and resources required to structure their customer service departments efficiently. Whether in the office or out in the field, a positive customer experience should be a top priority for business owners.


3. Poorly Drafted Estimates and Quotes

Service estimates and quotes are the first impressions that potential clients get from the business providing them. Since this is the case, it’s essential for companies to create a professional format for generating service estimates and clearly defining business standards and terms. Doing so adds more reputability to the business and helps to attract new clients.

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4. Lack of Adequate Business Planning

While busy seasons can be the best time of year for business operators, not being adequately prepared for the increased demand can quickly affect profitability and customer retention. If business owners do not have all the tools and equipment at their disposal when they’re needed most, this can cause significant delays in service and threaten business sustainability.


5. Leaving Jobs Unfinished

When customers hire service contractors to care for their needs, there is an expectation that jobs will be cared for efficiently and within the specified time frame. So when service professionals leave jobs unfinished, this can cause customers to become unhappy and inconvenienced as they have to adjust their schedules to accommodate subsequent visits. Businesses should make sure they fully understand the needs of their customers and service requirements and ensure they’re able to complete jobs efficiently on the first visit wherever possible.Divider

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6. Ignoring Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on comment cards or through business websites can be an invaluable tool in better company services and the overall customer experience. Still, if the feedback isn’t compiled or is ignored altogether, companies may be allowing a dangerous trend of poor business practices continue unchecked. Customer feedback should always be valued and utilized to improve all aspects of the business and keep client relationships healthy.


7. Scheduling Errors and Conflicts

As businesses scale, scheduling errors and conflicts can be more common as employee bandwidth and resources become stretched. However, always being late for customer appointments or missing recurring jobs altogether can have disastrous consequences for customer relationships. Powerful business automation tools help business owners stay on top of scheduling at all times, creating an efficient system to support new business opportunities while caring for the needs of current clientele.Divider

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Final Thoughts

Healthy customer relationships are an essential part of business sustainability. By avoiding these mistakes when managing your company and investing in the right tools and services to automate business processes, you can ensure that you’ll maintain long-lasting client relationships enable your company to grow.


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Last modified: October 19, 2018

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