4 Reasons Why Customer Follow-up Emails Are Essential

In today’s dynamic business landscape, most companies have accepted the fact that online interaction is a significant way their business can stay connected with their customers. Whether through website sign up forms, email support tickets, or live chat, it’s a proven fact that customers prefer these digital forms of contact when corresponding with businesses.Divider

However, it’s essential that companies utilize this technology to their advantage and establish proper follow-up procedures to both customer inquiries and external marketing efforts. Here are four reasons why customer follow-up emails are essential for your field service business.


Improves the Customer Experience

Many times companies respond to email inquiries one time, without ensuring the customer has been fully satisfied. This inadequacy can be costly if a customer either loses the email to their junk folder or doesn’t quite have all the information they need. Follow-up emails are a great way to show the customer you care about their issue and that they are delighted with the recent services they received.


Automated text and email notifications make life so much easier!

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Provides Additional Sales Opportunities

Keeping in touch with your current customers is a great way to bring on new business continuously. For field service companies, many times there may be recommended maintenance visits or other premium services that can be sold over time. By staying connected with your current customer base and following up with opt-in marketing emails, you can make customers aware of new services that your company offers or how they can continue to benefit from a proactive maintenance schedule.


Download your customer list for email marketing in mHelpDesk
Did you know your entire customer list can be exported into a .CSV file that you can download and import to your email marketing program? To access your list, go to People > Customers and click the down-arrow next to the Add button and select Download CSV.

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Enhances Communication

Customers don’t like to feel like you’ve taken their money and run. Whether you’ve finished a job or not, continuously communicating with your customer base shows that building a long-term business relationship is essential to you. By sending follow up emails to your customers asking for feedback on your services or keeping them up to date with crucial industry-related information, you will help to enhance the communication between business and client.

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Helps Your Business Remain Competitive

The truth is, most companies do not follow up regularly with their customer base, which makes its importance so much more significant. By adopting a follow-up email schedule, you’ll set your business apart from the competition, showing you are more professional and care about the needs of your clients. This active approach to customer service will no doubt show in online reviews for your services and help bring in a steady stream of new leads.

Keeping in touch with your customers is key to showing you care about their experience with your company. By regularly sending follow-up emails to your client base, you’ll be able to enhance the communication internally and externally while positioning your services competitively in the market.

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Last modified: August 9, 2018

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