Top 10 Free Social Media Tools Your Field Service Company Should Be Using

Field service companies can always benefit from software that makes day to day operations easier. Here is a list of ten tools that will help your social efforts become more efficient, less time consuming, and more likely to reach the right customers. What’s best is all of these have free plans to help you try it out without any risk.

1. Hootsuite

This is an easy to use dashboard that will allow a company to monitor and schedule multiple posts each month across the most popular social platforms. It also provides important data about your growth and engagement on your accounts.

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2. Buffer

Buffer is consistently regarded as one of the best social media tools for businesses that are short on time. It allows for scheduling, along with instant posting based on relevant news stories and existing templates. Also the free version has enough functionality that it should be sufficient for most small businesses.

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3. Crowdfire

This is considered to be a great tool to help you find potential new followers based on your current followers, content and hashtags, and learn who has unfollowed you. It can help you find relevant hashtags that will help get your business noticed quickly. The free version of Crowdfire also allows you to schedule and see data about how posts perform.

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4. Social Oomph

Aside from scheduling, this tool can be great for tracking keywords related to your business for reputation management or to get an idea of what potential customers are searching for.

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5. Tweriod

This convenient tool helps your posts on Twitter get the most exposure by analyzing when your followers are actually online and most likely to see what you are saying.

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6. Later

Later works great for field service companies who want to constantly post photos or videos of their best work across multiple platforms. The calendar and preview feature help to make sure everything will look good in advance and minimize the possibility of errors. It also touts itself as the #1 marketing platform for Instagram to help you visually plan and schedule your Instagram posts.

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7. SnapWidget

This tool helps you embed your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube account to your website and display it as a photomap, gallery or slideshow. If you are pretty active on social media, this will help your website feel fresh.

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8. All Hashtag

All Hashtag is a web based service that will quickly help you find a number of hashtags that are relevant to your particular line of business just by typing in one or more keywords.

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9. FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk is essentially a tool to help optimize and find information about your Twitter followers and engagement. This helps to make sure time spent on your social strategy is not wasted by focusing more on what actually works.

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10. Instant Instagram Audit by Iconosquare

Iconosquare offers a great tool to help you see how optimized your Instagram account, where you’re doing well and where you’re performing subpar. It’ll instantly analyze 20+ metrics on your latest 30 posts and give you tips.

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Last modified: August 1, 2019

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