5 Steps to a Strong Q1 in 2018 for Field Service Business Owners

The start of the year is an excellent time to launch strong strategies for your field service business. If you’re not sure how to put yourself in a strong growth position, just follow these five steps.

1. Update Your Website

Your website is your number one sales tool, and updating it should be the priority for 2018. Make sure all of the information on your services page is up-to-date and accurate. You don’t want potential clients to take a look at your site and have a poor first impression of your field service business.

Many people use mobile devices for internet access. Test your website’s compatibility on smartphones and tablets. A mobile-optimized experience may mean the difference between increasing your client base and simply maintaining that status quo.

Think about the information that’s most relevant to visitors on these devices. They’ll want to know how to contact you, what services you have available, and how much it will cost. Your structure should reflect this.

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2. Automate Your Business

You can’t scale your field service business if you’re spending all of your resources on mundane, time-consuming activities. Implementing automated processes throughout your company is a must. You can save hours every day and week through automation, whether you reduce data entry by integrating application databases together, or you create client intake forms that automatically generate work orders, invoices and a welcome email.

Here are a couple of ways you can streamline your operations:

  • Field service software: You can automate and streamline many business activities, which saves you and your employees a ton of time. Everything from client invoicing to appointment scheduling can get handled through this software
  • Social media chatbots: When your field service business has a social media profile, potential customers may use that channel over email or the phone. That means they expect a quick response. Since you probably don’t have someone paying exclusive attention to social networks, you can set up chatbots to provide helpful and relevant answers for basic customer inquiries, along with the ability to escalate more complex issues to a human staff member.

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3. Audit Your Marketing Strategies

Your brilliant marketing strategy in 2017 might not work for potential clients in 2018. Look at the way you spent your budget over the past year, the value of new and repeat customers, the campaigns you deemed particularly successful, and the marketing platforms you relied on. You can scale the areas that worked best while changing up tactics that sounded great on paper, but failed in execution.

Here are some marketing tactics to consider:

  • Automating your emails: The first time someone encounters your field service company, they might not need you. You want to be their first choice when they’re ready, which requires a marketing strategy capable of fostering the relationship. Email marketing automation sends out a scheduled sequence of messages for building that connection. Find providers that offer this service for free, like Mailchimp, so you can test it out.
  • Building your online reviews: Online reviews play an important part in you getting hired for the job. Try creating a plan to ramp up your online reviews on your most important platforms (i.e. Google, Facebook, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, etc.).

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4. Measure Your Performance

Do you have analytics tools in place to measure your company’s performance in key areas? Whether you use one tool or many for tracking key performance indicators, you should keep an eye on your available data. You can compare your revenue from quarter to quarter, see whether your staff is under or over-utilized, discover how long clients stay with your field service company, and unveil other important insights. The best field service software come packed with reporting you can take advantage of.

5. Listen to Your Staff and Clients

Sometimes the best technique is to simply listen to what everyone is saying. The extra perspectives on the way you run your company, the services offered to clients, the amount you charge, the structure of business processes, and countless other areas will be the real key to taking things to the next level.

Get this first quarter of the year off to an excellent start with the help of these five steps. Your field service company has the potential for significant growth when you have good momentum.

Last modified: April 6, 2018

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