4 Things Millennials Want From Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC]

Millennials are the biggest group of homebuyers, receiving 45% of home loans. This demographic is an important audience for field service technicians and companies, and gaining their trust and business requires adapting customer service practices to their expectations. Check out the four things millennials want from their customer service experience:

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Digital Channels

Millennials want customer service on their terms, through channels that are most convenient to them. Digital channels, such as email, text messages and social media, are preferred over calling your field service business.

Self-Service Options

Millennials want to be self-sufficient when it comes to basic customer support, with 70 percent looking for self-service options. A few ways you can implement this for your field service business is to offer quote request forms, appointment booking and payment portals on your website. You can even give them the opportunity to track a technician coming to their house.

Knowledgeable Reps

Authenticity is one of the most important attributes that millennials look for out of the companies they do business with. One way to accomplish this is by ensuring that all of your front-line people handling customer support are knowledgeable about the services you offer, rather than giving them a script to refer to. You also want to empower your reps so they don’t have their hands tied when they’re trying to help clients. Train your staff on the subject matter they should be experts in and the ways they can use their judgment to provide a positive customer experience.


You have to be on the ball with response time if you want to court millennials. The majority of this demographic expects real-time responses, and if they’re contacting you on social media, 22 percent of millennials want to hear from you within 10 minutes. It’s easy for these customers to search for another field service business. All it takes is a bit of frustration in the customer experience, and they start clicking away. Use systems and business processes that accelerate your response time so you avoid this outcome.

Final Thought

Reaching millennials and attracting them to your home service company may require some changes in the way you handle customer service. Keep these four things in mind when you restructure your policies and procedures.

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Last modified: January 15, 2018

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