Field Service Business Spring Cleaning Checklist [Infographic]

While your field service business is gearing up for its busy season, you might want to take some time to analyze your productivity and create more efficient processes and procedures. You can reap incredible payoffs by organizing and setting your business up for success. You’ll save time and increase cash flow and job fulfillment.

Check out our infographic below and try to implement a few of these organizational changes into your day-to-day operations before your business gears up for its busy season. If you’re already in your busy season, try adopting even just a few of these suggestions, which are sure to bring value to your company.

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Now here are more details on each of the tips on organizing and building success for your field service business:

1. Go Digital With a Mobile Field Service App

A mobile field service app can help you get organized — without the paper mess. These apps can help you organize your files, keep all of your important information in one place and access files at the touch of a button. You’ll always have access to your files and you’ll enjoy increased convenience and heightened productivity levels.

2. Take Inventory/Check Your Equipment

Now is the best time to take inventory of your equipment. Check all of your equipment to ensure it’s working properly. Take notes on any service issues or potential issues you might encounter.

Discard damaged or unused equipment. Before you do, try to see if you can sell any equipment to make some extra cash. You may even be able to donate some of your used equipment and earn tax incentives.

3. Delegate So You Can Focus on Growth Strategies

As a business owner, delegating can provide huge benefits. Whether you delegate time-consuming tasks to a field service solution or an office manager, you’ll take a few to-do tasks off your plate and free up your schedule for more important tasks.

Field service solutions are one of the most cost-effective ways to pass off menial tasks because you can simply allow the system to run certain functions on autopilot.

4. Organize Your Routes for Efficiency

Now is also a great time to analyze last year’s routes and maximize them for efficiency. On what routes did techs experience consistent issues? Did some field techs experience challenges more than others? Could you reorganize your routes this year to make them more efficient, complete jobs in less time and increase customer satisfaction? Your field service automation tool can help organize this information.

5. Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Who better to tell you where you need to make some adjustments than your customers? You may want to take this time to reconnect with customers. Ask them about their satisfaction levels with their last service visits. You can even schedule these calls with your field service automation tool.

6. Brush Up on Field Service Tech and In-House Customer Service Training

Once you’ve discovered where your field service and customer service agents have fallen short, you can start the process of retraining them. You may want to schedule a training day for your employees before your busy season kicks off.

7. Consult Your Field Service Techs

You may also want to ask your techs what they need to do their jobs most efficiently. Your field service techs can let you know if they need more support from the office or more efficient tools to complete their jobs.

8. Increase Productivity

Once you’ve gathered information, you can begin working on a plan to increase productivity. You’ll need the support of your field service techs, customer service support and office manager to reach these new goals. Yet creating this plan before the start of the busy season can help decrease workloads and increase profits for the entire year.  Don’t miss our post on productivity tips for every field service employee.

It’s sometimes difficult to imagine your business’s busy season at the tail end of your slow one. Yet the work you perform to get ready for your busy season will greatly increase your profits and lighten your load when your attention needs to be focused on your customers.

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Last modified: April 4, 2018

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