5 Reasons You Should Be Text Message Dispatching

Emails, phone calls, and even messaging apps are all ways you can communicate with your service technicians in the field. But if you do not use text messaging your dispatching, you could be missing out. Here are five reasons why:


1. Quick Open Rate

When there is vital information you need read, then texting your service technician may come in handy. Text messaging often results in a faster open rate than email. Emails are opened about 20% to 30 percent of the time. However, text messaging shows more promise. That’s because text messages often have a much better response rate compared to email messages. Additionally, people open text messages at a rate of 98%. Moreover, most of these text messages are opened within four minutes of it being sent. So, it’s important to use technology that gets your technician to view the content you need him to see.


2. Easily Share Information

When you have something quick but important to communicate with your contractor, an email can take longer to reach your service technician’s inbox and a phone call can easily go to voicemail. Instead, consider leveraging texting technology, such as mHelpDesk’s text message dispatching, to easily share information.


3. Keep Your Contractor Focused on the Customer

Your field service customers are the bread-and-butter of your business. So, it’s crucial that your service technicians are giving them the attention they need to enhance the customer experience. Phone calls can easily interrupt any conversations the service technician may be having with the homeowner or property owner during a home service. Instead, use texting technology versus a phone call so that your contractor can focus more on the customer.


4. Process Changes

It’s not uncommon for changes to occur on the job, and that can change the nature of the business your field technician is doing. With the help of text message dispatching, your contractor can contact you about changes to a service order so you can process changes in an instant.


5. Receive Updates Right Away

When an issue occurs during the job, it’s important for your contractors or field service technicians to have a way to reach you immediately. Text messaging is an ideal way to accomplish and often a faster way to reach you than via phone calls and email when you use the right text messaging solution. Technology. For instance, mHelpDesk’s text message dispatching gives your service technicians the ability to contact your dispatcher immediately and provide her with an update should an issue arise.


Final Thoughts

Text messaging is continuously making it easier to communicate with field technicians. By taking advantage of text message dispatching, you can better communicate with your contractors and in turn enhance your customers’ experience.


Ready to dispatch your techs better?

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Last modified: January 29, 2019

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