9 Methods for Keep Your Social Media Content on Brand – mHelpDesk CEO Vincent Wong Gets Featured



mHelpDesk CEO, Vincent Wong, Quoted in YEC Article on Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends has featured a YEC (Young Enterpreneur Council) article, which asked today’s top CEO and business leaders for one tip for keeping on top of your company’s social media accounts and ensuring all content is on brand. mHelpDesk CEO Vincent Wong’s tip was included in the article.

He answered: “A social media audit will help you understand which platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, are performing the best for you. Discover what channel brings in the most traffic and where your most engaged audiences are. Use that intel to decide where you’ll invest your time, and then set goals, such as how often you’ll post, or when. We’ve been able to keep a good cadence on social media now that we have a plan.”

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Last modified: January 15, 2018

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