Top Security System Installer Marketing Tips

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Because security system installers all essentially offer similar services, this is a business where it is especially important to stand out and grab a potential customer’s attention. This is mostly done by developing a unique presence and image that can easily be found by people who may be interested in your services. Here are seven quick tips that should help accelerate any security installation professional’s business.

1. Streamline the Estimate Process

Customers want to know how much they will owe you for their security system as quickly and efficiently as possible. Find the best way to be able to get to their home, go over the relevant details with them and provide them an estimate while wasting as little time as possible. Security systems are a competitive industry, so if this step is mishandled, the customer can easily go elsewhere. Field service technology allows much of this process to be automated so customers can either get an immediate response or contact you right away.

2. Get a Functional Website with Traffic

When your professional looking website is up and running, it should start to get traffic from other sources like paid ads, social media posts, and link exchanges with other local businesses. Google will also take notice and index your site and increase your SEO results once the site has a good presence and starts to receive more traffic. A skillfully designed website, including one that is mobile-friendly, is a way of legitimizing your business and impressing customers from the start.

3. Use New Technology as a Selling Point

The days of having a small wall panel as the main focus of a security system are over. People now expect smart home technology to be integrated into their security features. It is important to identify the strong points of this new technology and let the customer know about how it will help them and increase their control.

4. Make Sure All Marketing Materials and Write-Ups Contain the Right Language

Security is a business that is meant to ease people’s fears about the possibility of various kinds of unwanted intrusions. Any materials related to your business whether online, printed, or even on the side of work vehicles should have professional language that sounds like it came from an industry leader. First impressions are everything.

5. Follow Local Crime News and Then Write To It

When stories of various kinds of security breaches air on the local news, it can be helpful to publish some commentary about the incident and how it could have been prevented with security services. When people search for this kind of information, your business will show up. Once you have a body of relevant material available online, your company will become an authority in security matters. If you’re new to content marketing, here are three ways your business can benefit from it.

6. Look to Targeted Advertising

Large platforms such as Google and Facebook now allow businesses to target their potential customers based on things like location and interests. Their advanced methods will help you reach people who have been searching for security systems and related services. Putting aside even a small budget for these kinds of ads every month can display your business name in front of lots of people.

7. Offer Something Unique

If your security business offers some kind of proprietary technology or other unique features, make sure this is a selling point. Many business can offer basic things like alarms or surveillance cameras, but ask yourself why a customer should choose your business to install these items over anyone else. The answer to that question should help guide you in a direction that will emphasize your strong points.

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Last modified: July 23, 2019

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