Top Field Service Brands That Are Killing It On Social Media

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“Nowadays, social media is the easiest place to go to find something.” – David Nail

It’s no secret that social media isn’t a top priority for field service brands, but these communities and brands prove that it’s worth the effort! While some take a more serious approach to posting, others reel their audience in through funny posts and industry jokes. Here are some of the top field service brands we’re loving on social media right now:

1. Love Being An Electrician

The Facebook community has over 56,000 followers and shares funny posts related to the electrical contracting industry. The page’s followers are highly active – liking, sharing and commenting on almost every post.

2. Len The Plumber

Notorious in the DC metropolitan area as one of the most reliable plumbing companies (with some great marketing), Len The Plumber is killing it on social media. Their team consistently shares helpful tips for homeowners and engages with customers who leave feedback on their channels.

3. shares interesting facts and info for contractors, helping them grow and market their HVAC business. They also share funny HVAC fails and jokes on their Twitter account.

4. RDO Equipment Co.

RDO Equipment Co showcases their equipment through fun personal stories about their team and ‘on the job’ inside looks. The company has over 3,500 followers and counting!

5. DW Electrical UK

DW Electrical UK stays fairly active on social media, sharing industry news, and homeowner tips. What stands out the most is the company’s positive messages empowering women in the field service industry and beyond.


Need a good laugh? Stressful day on the job? Commiserate with fellow HVAC techs in the HVAC Hacks community. The page shares hilarious posts about homeowner fails and other hvac screw ups. Even if you aren’t an HVAC tech or HVAC business owner, you’re guaranteed to have a laugh on this page!

Did we miss you or your favorite field service brand? Let us know in the comments!


Last Updated By: Rochelle Sanchirico


Last Updated By: Rochelle Sanchirico


Last modified: April 6, 2018

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