5 Tips to Growing Leads on Facebook for Service Pros

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Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool, and field service professionals can use this platform to their advantage just like any other business. Almost half of all small businesses now use Facebook in some way to assist their marketing efforts. Ultimately, Facebook may end up becoming some of the one of the best marketing channels for your field service business if used correctly.

The Sponsored Story

These are effective because they are essentially highly visible reviews and testimonials that can show a positive experience with a business. The story works by highlighting and showing user engagement with the business and attracting curiosity from other users who may need similar services. Sponsored stories also appear as legitimate content on the site, rather than ads that seem more intrusive to the user experience.

Audience Interaction

Anyone can use their business page to effectively interact with their audience of locals who may become customers. Engagement is one of the best free ways to advertise indirectly, and real honest interactions have always been a great source of leads whether online or in person. This can be done through things like posting articles or commenting on other pages or profiles that may be related to your service. Linking to other social media pages connected to your business is also a great way to attract attention. Consistency is key in interactions, as users do not want to see that your last interaction was six months ago.

Facebook Groups

Any field service business can benefit from this feature because it allows you to generate groups about pretty much anything that might be related to your business and bring in potential customers. You can even use these groups like a question and answer page for anyone who might need information about things related to field services like plumbing, HVAC, home repairs, etc. If multiple people view this questions and answers, they will start to see you as an authority and contract your business for help.


Videos have consistently been shown to reach larger audiences and keep them more engaged than traditional forms of advertising online. You can create videos explaining things like common problems homeowners may have and how to diagnose them. The videos can end with a call to action that includes your contact information. Because Facebook gets so much traffic, sharing them on here along with creating a YouTube page are great ways to get lots of attention to your business.

Facebook Ads

While this is the most obvious tactic, Facebook has a number of tools available to help reach the right potential customers. Targeting by location is going to be most important for field service marketing, as you need to be able to physically get to where the customers are, and you do not want to waste money displaying ads to people who live hundreds of miles away. Something as simple as asking if someone needs a repair man in your town can get the right people to your business in a basic ad that reaches locals.

By using these five tips, Facebook can become a great marketing tool for field service businesses. Try to use these tactics as a starting point and then get more creative. You should get to know the platform as best as you can, as it is going to be a mainstay in marketing for the foreseeable future.

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Last modified: June 24, 2019

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