Mid-year business checklist

Your Field Service Business Mid-Year Checklist

Now that we’re halfway through the year, it may be time to sit down and review your field service company’s performance thus far and how it can improve. But where should you start to look?

Here is a top 10 mid-year checklist for you to follow to make sure your field service business is operating at its full potential.

1. Perform a Website Audit

Halfway through the year, it’s important that you check on the stability of your website. You should make sure all your company information is up-to-date, including service landing pages, hours of operation and company landing pages.

2. Review Your Employee Performance

As with many field service companies, your employees tend to be in charge of managing their own bandwidth and service scheduling. While a “self-managed” approach is fairly standard in service industries, that’s not an excuse for neglecting regular employee reviews. Schedule this time mid-year to meet with your employees, review customer feedback, and make suggestions on how they can improve their performance and productivity.

3. Improve Your First-Time Fix Rate

Reviewing your first-time fix rate and making improvements is vital to the scalability of your company. A first-time fix rate is a measurement of the percentage of your service calls that resolve an issue without the need for additional visits. By keeping this percentage as high as possible throughout the year, you can ensure you’re operating at maximum efficiency. Fortunately, there is available software that can help you manage this process more easily and help you focus on other important areas of your business.

4. Reboot Your Marketing Initiatives

Hand in hand with your website audit should be a reboot of your marketing initiatives. This is a good time to review the performance of your digital advertisements, content marketing and social media strategies. There are a variety of optimization strategies you can adopt, such as improving your web content, revamping your corporate blog and adding new imagery on your website. If necessary, make adjustments in advertising spend and direction to maximize your return on investment.

5. Learn From Customer Feedback

Spend time reviewing your customer feedback to ensure your company is delivering on its promises. Address any negative trends that start to surface and make improvements in your products and services.



6. Optimize Scheduling

You should continue to optimize your company bandwidth by reviewing workloads and schedules. There may be areas you can improve your customer response time and daily appointment volume.

7. Check Equipment Status

Operating with faulty equipment and not having the right tools for the job can significantly cut down on the productivity of your service reps. Make it a point to review all of your available equipment and repair or replace tools dependent on the need of your business.

8. Manage Inventory Requirements

When preparing for the rest of the year, you should forecast service requirements and make sure you have enough inventory to make it through the rest of the year. This will also help you improve your first-time fix rate and allow your service technicians to get the job done right the first time, instead of having to schedule follow-up visits.

9. Audit Pricing & Profitability

As you review your company performance halfway through the year, it’s a good time to review the effectiveness of your pricing strategies and overall profitability. Consider increasing or reducing pricing of services after reviewing your operational costs from the first part of the year.

10. Implement Better System Processes

Learn from your successes and failures from the first half of the year and implement better system processes to support you moving forward. There are many ways to optimize your processes and automate certain parts of your business. Software tools and services can help you maximize your company’s performance and track your success over time.

This checklist should give you a good start into planning the rest of the year. By reviewing each of these points in detail, you’ll be able to maximize productivity and ensure customer satisfaction well into the new year.


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Last modified: June 7, 2018

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