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Today we are happy to introduce mHelpDesk Timesheets, the ability to track your team’s time and report on it right within the system that you use everyday. No more double data entry!

Our easy-to-use mHelpDesk Timesheets system allows your techs to clock in, right from their vehicle or the job site. We even remind them to clock in as soon as they log into the mHelpDesk mobile app to start their day. Then office administrators can run reports, edit times, and export CSV files for easy import into payroll systems.

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Record time in the mobile app:

No more unnecessary trips to the office just to clock in and out! Now your techs will be reminded to clock in when they open the mHelpDesk mobile app. Easily clock in and out with the click of a button, and account for breaks. Techs can also easily view their time for this week and last week, as well as their locations when they clocked in and out.


Edit and report in the web app:

Office administrators and managers can handle editing and reporting time in the web app, in the new Timesheets tab under People > Staff. View time by staff member and selected timeframe, and download a report via a CSV file to upload to a payroll system.


The mobile update that includes Timesheets is now live on Android and iOS! Please have your team download the latest version of the mobile app to make sure they can have access to Timesheets.

Turning on Timesheets for your account

Once you have done the update, account admins can enable mHelpDesk Timesheets by going to Settings > Add Ons > Timesheets and toggling the button to “ON”. Then you can determine which staff will have the Timesheets clock in/clock out capability turned on by going to People > Staff. By default this turned on for all staff when you enable Timesheets, so if you want to remove clock in/clock out for someone, click on a user and uncheck the box that enables them to clock in.

Note from the mHelpDesk product team: Your feedback is incredibly important to us! If you have recommendations for enhancements to Timesheets, please email them to We review every email and take them into account for future development.


Reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via phone +1(888)558-6275 ext. 2 or email ( with any questions or concerns!



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Last modified: April 6, 2018

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