Release Notes for Mobile – Jan. 26, 2017

Today’s mobile release included an exciting new feature: the ability to receive convenient appointment reminders via push notifications on your mobile device. Learn more about the feature below! Also, as always, today’s release included bug fixes to improve your experience with our mobile app.


  • Receive appointment reminders by enabling push notifications on your mobile phone: By downloading the latest version of our mobile app, you can select ‘Allow’ to enable our mobile app to send push notifications. This new functionality will allow you to receive lead, job, event and instant booking appointment alerts.

    Appointment reminders will always be sent one hour before the appointment time. Here is an example of what you would see:

    appointment_reminderDownload the latest version of our mobile app to ensure you get this new feature. When you do, you’ll see a prompt to ‘allow’ the mHelpDesk app to send you push notifications. To turn off or further customize mHelpDesk push notifications, tap on ‘More’ in our mobile app and select ‘Push notifications’ for instructions.allow_push_notificationsNote: Also, while iOS will prompt you to ‘allow’ notifications to turn it on, Android will require you to turn on the notifications manually in your device’s settings.

Download the latest version of our mobile app now:



Reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via phone

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Last modified: January 26, 2017

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