Top Maid Service and Cleaning Business Marketing Tips

Ready to take your cleaning service to the next level by getting more and more satisfied customers? The right marketing initiative could do the trick. A strategic marketing campaign allows you to attract attention from prospective customers and build an essential relationship of trust long before you’ve spoken with new prospects in person. Getting started, however, can be tricky, as can changing up an existing marketing campaign that has proven less than effective. Look to these tips to amp up your marketing efforts:

1. Build a Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s virtual world, there is no excuse for a lack of internet presence. No matter how strong your company’s word of mouth, you’ll struggle to build trust without a fully-fleshed online marketing strategy. This should include not only Instagram and Facebook updates, but also compelling and professional website to serve as your virtual home base. Retargeting can prove particularly to be a useful marketing tactic as you strive to capture customers on multiple platforms.

2. Stick With Hyperlocal Marketing

As a service-oriented business, the majority of your customers are likely situated within a small radius. By targeting your digital marketing strategy based on this specific region, you can dramatically improve the return on investment for your next campaign. A variety of hyperlocal tactics allows you to gain an edge over the competition. Begin by fleshing out the profile on your Google My Business page, which could provide some of your most valuable local leads. Hashtags can also play a key role in hyperlocal efforts, particularly when integrated into real-time marketing campaigns.

3. Seek Reviews From Loyal Customers

From buying a coffee mug to signing up for a cleaning service, today’s consumers depend on social proof for nearly every transaction imaginable. A complete lack of online feedback could prove far worse than the occasional bad review. As far as customers are concerned, your failure to elicit reviews renders you unworthy of consideration. Positive reviews, however, can help customers feel confident in your services. Following a job well done, encourage satisfied customers to share their thoughts on your Google, Facebook, or Yelp page.

4. Set Up Automated Notifications to Reach Customers Right Away

Busy customers have little time available to play phone tag. They value transparency; from their perspective, the failure to respond to their estimate requests promptly demonstrates a disregard for open and honest communication. Email and text message notifications keep them in the loop, so they know exactly what to expect regarding cost and service. Automatic notifications could prove a huge sell among customers who remain unsure as to whether they should move forward with your company’s home services.

5. Don’t Disregard Print Marketing

Digital efforts can pay considerable dividends, but print marketing is far from irrelevant. Bombarded by emails and alerts, many people have gained a renewed sense of appreciation for personalized flyers and postcards. Many customers respond well to campaigns that integrate print and digital elements. Examples include flyers featuring QR codes or coupon codes.

6. Improve Marketing Outcomes With Lead Management

Which marketing efforts actually promote a healthy return on investment? How do you respond to leads once you’ve successfully captured their interest? Lead management tools help you determine the sources of your best leads, as well as areas of wasted effort. Effective lead management also allows you to build on the strong relationship you’ve already begun to develop with new customers. The ultimate outcome: a streamlined, more effective approach to marketing in which you generate interest and keep customers on board until they’ve invested in your services. Remember there’s no escaping the need for strategic marketing in today’s home services industry. A little effort can go a long way as you strive to capture the best and brightest leads.

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Last modified: July 11, 2019

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