Does Your Field Service Business Need a New Logo?

In many ways, your logo is the “face” of your field service business.

Your field service business logo is plastered on the side of your company vehicles, and it appears front and center on your invoices and estimates.  Your logo should be something that your whole staff can be proud of, and is memorable for your customers.

According to Inc., there are 4 characteristics of great logo design:

  • It must be unique:  If your logo looks just like the 3 other plumbing companies in town, it’s going to be even harder for your customers and potential customers to distinguish you from the competition.  Make sure your logo is unique to your local market and really stands out.

Think John Deere, which trades on its distinctive name to create a memorable logo that is different from its competitors.

  • It must be adaptable:  Think of all of the places you should use your company’s logo if your aim is to create a consistent brand–on estimate and invoices, signage, vehicles, business cards, tshirts and other field apparel, stickers for materials you leave at customers’ homes, even on decals for your field techs’ devices.  The list is endless!  You must make sure that your logo is adaptable for large and small formats, for print and digital.  That’s why most iconic brands stick to very simple yet distinctive logos that easily translate to all of these formats.

Think of Target’s logo, which can be effectively used in many different formats.

  • It must be timeless:  Be honest, does your logo look like it belongs in the 80’s?  Use a critical eye and ask others you trust–does your logo look current?  Logos that look outdated can make customers feel like other things about your business, specifically your equipment, your materials, and your technology, are outdated too.  Sometimes it just takes a few small changes to bring a logo into 2016.

Think of Southwest Airlines’ new logo; they dropped the overwhelming and dated airplane image for something more streamlined that will stand the test of time.

  • It must be appropriate:  Does your logo reflect the work your company does, and the culture that you have created?  Does it keep the needs of your customers in mind?  These are important to consider–generally, the logo for a law firm should look very different from a logo for an HVAC company.

Think Stanley’s new logo, which has bold colors and strong lettering to convey the strength and durability of its tools.

You might agree with all of these points and know that it’s time for a logo refresh, but the thought of hiring a designer and going through the process of selecting a new logo just seems overwhelming.

No worries–there are a ton of free and low cost services out there that can help you get the new field service logo your company has been searching for:

  • FiverrOn recent count, there were over 9,000 entries for designers who do logo design on Fiverr.  Prices start at $5, they’ll create something just for you, and there is a wide variety of styles and types to choose from.
  • Logoworks:  Need a logo, but also considering an overall online design refresh?  Then consider a company like Logoworks, that can handle it all.  Just fill out a design request and select a package, and they’ll do the rest.
  • Vistaprint:  Do you already get your business cards or postcards through Vistaprint?  They also have an easy-to-use logo builder, that allows you to pick your design and text from thousands of combinations, then immediately print it on your favorite materials.
  • Design Contest: Here’s a new platform that makes it easy for you to create your own logo design contest. You can define your requirements and relax while dozens of design options are created by talented designers, which can come as fast as a couple of hours.

And once your shiny new logo is ready, don’t forget that it’s easy to upload it to your mHelpDesk account so that it can further solidify the professionalism of your estimates and invoices.


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Last modified: February 13, 2018

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