How Alpine Refrigeration Streamlined Their Operations Into One Tool


Alpine Refrigeration offers refrigeration and air conditioning services to the Melbourne area of Florida. We were excited to talk to them recently about their mHelpDesk story. Learn more below about how they dramatically streamlined their business and took the stress out of their day-to-day processes as mHelpDesk became the center of their entire operations.

It was time to modernize

“I’m the one that brought mHelpDesk to Alpine Refrigeration.” remembers Terry Brady, Office Manager at Alpine Refrigeration.

“When I came here, they were using Google Calendar and paper tickets. I had worked for other contractors and companies that used software, but it was very expensive.”

Terry knew it was in the company’s best interest to move away from the traditional, slow processes, and so she began her search for a solution. She wanted a program that could do everything she needed in one package, from estimating and work orders to dispatching and invoicing, but that was still cost-effective.

When she found mHelpDesk, it seemed like the right program from the start. It was more intuitive and more user-friendly, which was important because it was the team’s first step away from pen and paper. Plus being more affordable than other software they looked at, it fit her other requirement.


Functional and easy to use

Fast forward two years and Terry and team are still elated with their choice. The all-in-one system they wanted was what they got.

She shares, “I live in it all day, everyday. I love it. I start with a quote or estimate. Our customer will call and accept it. I turn it into a job and dispatch one of our techs to complete it. [After the job is done], I’ll mark the job as completed and ready for billing, then invoice it. Then I’ll collect invoices when I go through my open invoices.”

The comprehensiveness and ease of use of mHelpDesk meant the team was able to use the software quickly. Before they knew it their operations got a complete overhaul, and for the better.

Terry continues, “To me, mHelpDesk is an organization tool. It organizes the crux of our business and everything that runs it. For us, that’s estimates, service tickets, invoices and our customer database. It’s now all in one place called mHelpDesk.”


Invoicing became less of a headache

The entire operations of the company runs solely on mHelpDesk, and for the team, the value is undeniable.

“[We’ve] streamlined our invoicing [processes] 100%! Before we used paper invoices in the field and entered them into Invoicing was a large hit on overhead.” Terry explains. 

“With mHelpDesk, it takes less than 2 minutes to invoice a customer. And it integrates beautifully with QuickBooks.” 

Now Alpine Refrigeration saves time and money on every job they take on. They also use mHelpDesk payments to process their customer payments easier.

The team is better-connected having the web and mobile app. When Terry who works in the office assigns work to techs, she rests assure that they’ll get an update. Techs in turn can log into the app to see where they need to go each day and provide updates they know office staff will get, like when they’ve arrived at a job site or have completed a job. 

Terry shares, “mHelpDesk is my world. I’m really happy with everything it does.”


Ready to make life easier for you and your team?

mHelpDesk turbocharges your slow, manual processes, so you can focus on what really matters. Schedule a free demo of mHelpDesk today or chat with our team (via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right corner).

Last modified: February 5, 2019

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