The 2019 Reviews Madness Tournament: Help mHelpDesk Win

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While the NCAA Basketball Tournament is on TV, mHelpDesk has its own March Madness tournament to focus on. We’re thrilled to share we’ve qualified for the 
2019 Reviews Madness Tournament, an annual competition hosted by Garner Digital Networks that faces off the top software companies against each other.

Loving the mHelpDesk app? We’d love your help! Help us move to the next round of the Tournament by clicking any one (or all!) of the sites below to submit a quick review of mHelpDesk. It’ll take just 2 minutes of your time (or less!).  


The tournament schedule is below, but you can also check out the current bracket standings here:

  • Round 1 – 64 competitors: March 19-24
  • Round 2 – 32 competitors: March 25-28
  • Round 3 – Sweet 16: March 29- April 3
  • Round 4 – Elite 8: April 4-9
  • Round 5 – Final 4: April 10-14
  • Round 6 – Championship: April 15-17

Now help us advance to the next round by submitting a review on Capterra, SoftwareAdvice or GetApp now! Thanks in advance for your support! If you’d like to follow along each week to see how we’re doing in the tournament, follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

Any questions? Leave us a comment below or chat (within your web or mobile app).


Last modified: April 16, 2019

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