Realizing the Value of Field Service Software from Rob’s Window Glass & Repair

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Rob’s Window and Glass Repair offers window repair and glass replacement services in Metropolitan Detroit and the surrounding areas of Howell, Michigan. How they came to field service software is a unique story. They suffered an office fire and lost all of their hard copy files, and realized the necessity of a cloud-based system. Read on below to learn why the selected mHelpDesk and how things have changed for their team since.

Unfortunate circumstances lead to an important change

“We realized that we needed an Internet-based system so that even if we lost hard drives, like we did in the office fire, we wouldn’t lose all of our information.” shared Olivia Stead, Business Manager and Partner of Rob’s Window and Glass Repair.

Olivia described how the company ran things before the fire as an old school system. “We didn’t use any technology, and the problem was things were getting lost. We had no record of who we worked with and where we had been.”

When the team searched for software, they looked at several systems in addition to mHelpDesk and completed trials with each. They knew pretty quickly mHelpDesk was a clear choice.

“mHelpDesk was definitely the right fit. Being able to run things offline is huge for technician-based and service companies. When our techs go to the customer’s house, they need to access information even if they don’t have service on their phone.”

She was glad to have discovered mHelpDesk’s offline access and sync, which wasn’t offered with other programs.

When it came time to implement mHelpDesk, Olivia commented on their experience, sharing “I thought the transition to mHelpDesk was fantastic. Our office manager is in her 70s and we got her onboard. She runs everything and she could figure it out because it’s as easy to use as Facebook.”

Better experiences for their team and customers

It’s now been one and a half years since Rob’s Window and Glass Repair started using mHelpDesk, and Olivia shared how much has changed not only for their team, but for their customers.

“We are much more organized and now we always have our schedule at our fingertips. We just can’t go without that ever again.”

“It was also easy for our techs to use mHelpDesk in the field. It takes away many of the headaches we used to have, like wondering where to go next after completing a job or having to look for the customer’s phone number. Our team can access their schedule and our customer information right in the app.” continued Olivia.

“The experience has changed for our customers too. When they interact with our office staff, there’s never a question where their file is. Right off the bat, I can type their name or even just part of their name in mHelpDesk and pull up their information. I love it and I know our customers love how quick we are.”

The right move

“Having everything you need for your customers right there and then is invaluable. We’re no longer having to look through paperwork and files. And the fact that it syncs with QuickBooks is huge for small businesses too.” Olivia shared.

“Being able to easily pull up customer information in mHelpDesk has saved us 20 minutes per customer.”

When asked about their team’s favorite features, Olivia pointed to mHelpDesk’s scheduling and the ability to take photos within the app.

“Being able to take photos at the jobsite is the most helpful thing for us, and we have this right in mHelpDesk. Sometimes our techs go to ten jobs a day, so it’s hard to remember which photos go with what job.”

With mHelpDesk, Olivia and team are able to add photos to a customer record or job and provide notes, so there’s no confusion.

“mHelpDesk is a lifesaver! I’ve recommended it to a lot of people and businesses we’re associated with.”

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Last modified: June 20, 2019

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