Evaluating Field Service Software: A Service Pro’s Guide – Part 2

Last week, we introduced a new blog series around what service pros should consider when shopping for field service software, focusing on advice from entrepreneur and service pro, Michael Medley. Michael had tried several customer management systems before finally looking into field service software (read more about Michael here).

If you’re just looking at the technology for the first time or if you’re in need of a new system, check out Part 1 of this series, which looks at considering price and customizability when evaluating field service software, or go ahead and read on for the next set of tips.

Factor #3: Complexity of Implementation

In addition to factoring price and customizability, Michael notes the importance of looking at how implementation will go if you go with a particular vendor. More often than not, a successful implementation of a system is the difference between success and failure. Some of the things you’ll want to think about and understand:

  • Will you have assistance getting the system set up for your team or will you need to dedicate your own resources?
  • How’s the implementation process? Complicated? Fairly simple? What’s involved?
  • Does the vendor’s system integrate technology or systems you’re already using and if so, is it easy or hard to sync systems?
  • What’s the onboarding process like? Do you have access to a customer support or onboarding team?

Michael shared this:

Click here to see Michael’s customer appreciation letter to mHelpDesk >>

Factor #4 to Evaluating Field Service Software: Scalability

When you’re considering field service software, you’ll want to also ask yourself: Will this scale and how important is that to me? Scalability is defined as the capability of a system to handle a growing amount of work or its ability to accommodate growth. If you’ve got a  growing field service company or aspire to be, this is a big feature you’ll want to check off when you’re considering vendors. You’ll want a system that will work as you continue to serve more customers and a system that can help you scale as a business. As an example, a system that will eliminate or reduce your paperwork or slow processes can enable you to have the time to manage your business better and grow your customers.

Michael shared:

Click here to see Michael’s customer appreciation letter to mHelpDesk >>

Factor #5 to Evaluating Field Service Software: Customer Support

Michael also considered another important factor when he was looking at field service software: the level of customer support he would get. He wanted a company that wouldn’t leave him high and dry after he hit “buy'”. When thinking about this, you’ll want to consider not only when you can get support but how. Is the vendor responsive and accessible via email, phone, chat? Do they provide ready-to-go resources and tutorials? Will they update you on product releases and improvements?

Michael shared:

Service pros – Do you agree with the factors mentioned here? What factors are important to you when buying software or new technology? Share with us in our comments. Tune in next Friday for the final part of this series and more tips from Michael!


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Last modified: May 2, 2018

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