Release Notes for Web App: Updates to Price List – May 30, 2018

We’re excited to share that with today’s web release, you’ll start to see much faster performance when using our Price List pages. We’ve rebuilt all of our Price List pages so that they’re no longer an overlay (or pop-up) like before. You’ll also notice our main navigation to the left of the Price List, so you can easily get to where you want to go.

One thing that hasn’t changed: you’ll continue to navigate to the Price List from the Settings page.

Here are some other enhancements and changes we’ve made to the Price List:

  • New “Add Groups” feature. Before we only had a single “Add Item” button, but now you can click the Add Group button to create a group quickly from existing items within your price list.
  • New Quick Add screen to easily add items to your price list. To do this, simply click the blue Add Item button when you navigate to the Price List. This will pull up the Add new item screen (see below). We’ve simplified this screen so you can quickly enter in your product type, name and sales information for any item. If you need to add additional information that isn’t on this screen, just click on the blue Add more item details link on the bottom.


  • Edit items by clicking on any Item Name, which you’ll see as a blue hyperlink. Previously, you’d click anywhere in the Item row to pull up the edit screen, but we’ve implemented this new change to get ready for future improvements to our inventory feature. Simply click directly on an Item Name to edit it.

  • Receive Price List CSV exports via email. To save time, you will now receive Price List CSV exports straight to your inbox instead of waiting for them to download. Reminder: To download the CSV file, click the Options button on the right of the Price List page and click Download CSV.

    This will bring up the following notification and you’ll click Proceed to approve the delivery via email. Note: The Price List CSV will be sent to the user who requested the download.


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To Mobile App Users:
Today we also released some backend enhancements for future inventory tracking improvements. By now you should have downloaded version 2.20 of our mobile app. If you haven’t, please download the latest version now: Android | iOS


Reach out to our Account Support Team via phone

+1(888)558-6275 ext. 2 or chat (within our web or mobile app)

with any questions or concerns!


Last modified: May 30, 2018

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