Release Notes for Web App: Low Inventory Level Notifications – July 17, 2018

Last week we released some new features to make you more efficient (and more secure) so you can focus on perfecting your cannonball.

Keeping an eye on inventory levels can be difficult, and sometimes when you’re actually invoicing for a part it’s too late to restock. Monitoring your inventory just got easier! We’ve added low inventory level notifications in Jobs (they were previously just in Invoices) so you never get caught without the parts you need.

If you add an item to a Job that causes that part to hit its reorder point, you’ll get this handy notification:

Do you use Stripe or through mHelpDesk? Good news! We’ve added another layer of security to protect you and your customers.

Just enter a new data field by August 1st to activate the security layer. Please go to your Payments now to get more information. And contact our Account support team via chat or call (888) 558-6275 ext. 2 if you have any questions.


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Reach out to our Account Support Team via phone

+1(888)558-6275 ext. 2 or chat (within our web or mobile app)

with any questions or concerns!


Last modified: August 3, 2018

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