5 Of The Best Business Books For Entrepreneurs

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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

– Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are on a never-ending quest for knowledge and truth. The best way to do this, aside from making your own mistakes and learning from them, is to absorb knowledge and take notes from the experiences of others who have done what you aspire to do – and succeeded. The following list is made up of 5 of the best business books for entrepreneurs.

1. People Over Power by Dale Partridge

In this best seller, business visionary Dale Partridge talks about how putting people first should be a core focus of businesses that want to be successful. The American marketplace is seeing more businesses shift into more socially-focused business models.

Partridge reveals his seven core beliefs that are shared by leaders of major organizations, startups and the American population that have led to the shift, which he believes are the keys to creating a more transparent, honest, ethical and authentic work environment in the years to come. Partridge credits these seven core beliefs for allowing him to grow a multi-million dollar company.

2. Zero To One by Peter Thiel with Blake Masters

This bestseller has been recognized by the likes of Mark Zuckerburg, Elon Musk and other top thinkers in the business world. Zero To One didn’t start out with Thiel in his home office working with the intention to start a book. Thiel was speaking to a group of Ph.D. candidates at Stanford when one of the candidates, Blake Masters, took highly detailed notes on the presentation and published them online. The notes went viral, prompting Thiel and Masters to team up and turn the notes into the highly regarded work that is Zero To One.

The book challenges the idea that there’s nothing new to be discovered or invented. Thiel argues that there are always going to be new frontiers for entrepreneurs and innovators to explore and encourages readers to discover value in unexpected places.


3. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

After more than 40 interviews with Steve Jobs and interviews with over 100 of his family members, friends, competitors and colleagues, the biography of Steve Jobs was brought to life by bestselling author, Walter Isaacson, who is also known for his biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

Isaacson captures the full essence of Jobs, a perfectionist, creative entrepreneur whose tenacity revolutionized six major industries: animated movies, digital publishing, tablet computing and of course, music, phones and personal computers.

Jobs is seen as an icon, an inspiration to those who ‘think different.’ With imagination at its core, Jobs proved that creativity and outside-the-box thinking is exactly what a data-driven world needs. If you’re ready to read a raw, brutally honest biography, Steve Jobs is highly recommended.


Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire, Mark Cuban, combines the best material from his Blog Maverick — his open and honest online platform where he blogs about anything and everything business, entertainment and self-help.

The Huffington Post says Mark Cuban exceeded expectations in this book, noting “[he] got right to the point and was not filled with ‘stuffing'”.

Cuban’s unconventional wisdom and rags-to-riches story offers a new perspective and competitive edge to any entrepreneur at any stage.

5. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

The man behind the swoosh himself, Phil Knight, CEO and Founder of Nike, shares an open and honest memoir detailing his start of selling imported Japanese shoes from the trunk of his lime green Plymouth Valiant and his journey to building an iconic, multi-billion dollar international corporation.

Knight typically avoided the spotlight until the release of this memoir. In it, he details his decision to be different and all of the hurdles that stood between him and the success he’s seen today. It’s a must-read for any small business owner who wants to go from good to great.

What business books have you crossed off your list? Let us know in the comments!


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