8 De-Stressing Tips for Busy, Small Business Owners


As a small business owner providing field services, it’s just as important to de-stress as it is to be constantly on-the-go. That’s why it’s key to put de-stressing best practices into place. Here are eight ways to get it done, even if you’re busy:

1. Automate Manual Tasks and Repetitive Processes

Whether tracking field service customer information or following up with clients, managing repetitive processes can get stressful. You can reduce stress by automating these tasks and processes. Consider using field service software that helps you automate or speed up scheduling, customer contact information, estimates and invoices, dispatching, payment processing and more.

2. Plan in Advance

Consider using the first part of your day or the evening before to plan for what you need to get done. Note key objectives and tasks you must do. Simplify prioritizing tasks by choosing three goals to achieve.

3. Clean and Organize

Clutter, whether it’s virtual or physical, “can send a signal that work is never done” and “inhibit creativity and productivity.” Office staff should try to maintain a clean workspace. Going digital will not only clear paper clutter but makes finding documents easier.  For techs on the job, a clear workspace can to feelings of productivity and happiness and also leads to a safer workplace.

4. Workout

It’s vital to get a workout in to improve your physical and mental health. Exercise is useful for reducing stress. It helps to improve concentration and alertness while reducing your fatigue. Consider going for a walk, taking a yoga class, or walking your dogs. Just get the physical activity in so you can de-stress.

5. Get Creative

When you get creative, you can train your brain to stay focused and reduce stress. Do something creative daily, such as reading, journaling or painting. It can help you block out distractions that may be stressing you out.

6. Trust Your Staff With Autonomy

Leverage your team by empowering them with the autonomy to get work done. Delegate tasks to them and give them the tools that can help them get it done. By trusting your staff with autonomy, you take more workload off of your shoulders and reduce stress. Field service software with integrated messaging can enable field staff to provide a quick job status update and keep you informed.

7. Just Say “No”

As a contractor or service technician, it’s easy to “yes” to every project, but this can quickly become overwhelming. Understand that it’s okay to say “no”. If you’re swamped with projects, evaluate whether or not the additional project is worth the extra stress.

8. Find Some Quiet Time

Whether providing lawn care or HVAC services, noise is constantly around and noise pollution can increase your stress levels. Find a quiet spot and take a few minutes of uninterrupted time to meditate, pray, read or reflect to de-stress.

Final Thoughts

Providing field service doesn’t have to be filled with stressful moments. By taking these steps, you can better manage your stress so you can be more productive and successful at what you do.

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Last modified: May 10, 2018

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