Top 8 Apps for Pest Control Companies

When it comes to running a pest control businesses, there are now a number of tools available that companies can utilize to help organize and optimize their business processes.

Here are is a list of eight of the most useful apps currently available for pest control companies.



 Pest Identifier

Pest Identifier is an application designed by Arizona Pest Control to help users identify different types of pests in the field.

PCT (Pest Control Technology Magazine)

PCT Magazine is the pest control industry’s leading publications. Each issue is packed with relevant information that caters to pest control professionals and their businesses.

Bayer Pest Portal

The Bayer Pest Portal application offers a slew of benefits to pest control professionals. Find research and insights on the pest control industry and discover new preventive tips and chemical solutions for better results.

FeralScan Pest Mapping

The FeralScan Pest Mapping app can be used to record the location of pests in an area and record the problems they are causing. The stored information helps to keep updated data records for all other pest control professionals.



The PestXpert app is another application by Bayer that is used to assist pest control professionals in the field. The pp contains high definition photographs to help identify certain types of pests and how to deal with them.

Pest Control Inspection

Pest Control Inspection is a great app for companies that need to quickly perform pest inspections. The app helps you generate quick reports for customers and provides the latest pest control news.

NPMA Field Guide

The NPMA application is an essential tool for pest control professionals. Along with providing hundreds of images and documentation on certain types of pests, the app also allows you to also document pests you encounter in the field and their behavior.




mHelpDesk is the gold standard in field service business automation and record keeping. Pest control companies can manage schedules, coordinate their billing and oversee all the activity of field service technicians. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices for quick access to orders, invoices and business emails.

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Last modified: March 27, 2019

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