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Good for business. Good for the planet.

Everybody wins.


For the month of April, the mHelpDesk crew is focusing on sustainability and going green.

Our goal is to have every service business use a software system to manage their daily operations to cut down on unnecessary paper use.

Save money, while saving the planet.

Internally, we are working together to create a clean and sustainable work environment by visiting our recycle bins more often and bringing healthy lunches from home with reusable totes!

Spring is the perfect time to clear your office and your mind by making positive changes. Consolidating all of your paperwork into a streamlined software system is the perfect way to declutter your office. As we said before, decluttering is mutually beneficial for a business and its customer.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Customers take the path of least resistance, so make it easy for them. Give them multiple ways to communicate with you–going paperless is the perfect way to do this.

Two HUGE opportunities to consider:

Paperless Estimates/Invoices: Make it easy for your customers to approve estimates and to pay you faster by allowing them online access to a customer portal rather than having to remember if something’s been approved or whether or not you’ve been payed.

Paperless Work Orders: You no longer have to worry about things falling through the cracks. “Did my tech turn in all of his work orders for the week? Am I missing something?”

When everything is backed up automatically in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about anything getting lost or being missed managed. Everything will be consolidated into one simple and easy to use system.

To learn more about how mHelpDesk can help you go paperless CLICK HERE.

To speak to a rep directly, call 1(888)558-6275 or request more information on our main site!

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