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It is with great excitement that I announce the launch of mHelpDesk 2. We have implemented a new design, new features, and most importantly, we’ve made mHelpDesk one of the easiest and most intuitive products on the market. When we first got started with mHelpDesk v2, we knew that improving a product that was already ranked #1 was going to be a very ambitious effort – but we did it anyways. In this post, I’m going to talk about what we did and why we did it.

We spent a serious amount of time talking to our customers and it paid off. When we went back to the drawing board, we really focused on the business owner, the office manager, and  especially guys out in the field. One of the biggest challenges we heard from our customers was that they needed something very easy to use and something that could be quickly implemented. In addition, they had very complex requirements that needed to be fulfilled.

The easy-to-use products on the market were too simple. They were easy to learn, but their features left a lot to be desired. On the other hand, the fully-featured products on the market were too hard to use. They met almost all their requirements, but they were too hard to implement. This meant we had to develop an extremely comprehensive software solution that was extremely simple to use.

I truly believe that we’ve created a product that strikes a perfect balance between comprehensive features and ease-of-use. Based on our competitive analysis, we now have one of the most complete feature sets of any field service software solution and are now one of the easiest to use as well.

So What’s New At A Glance?

Reason 1: It is an Easiest-to-Use Interface

We hosted extensive studies on how our customers used mHelpDesk. We learned that business owners, office managers, and decision makers simply “get it.” They are fast learners, excited about changes and are determined to improve their business with software.

However, their workers and field technicians were not so excited. That’s fair. Technology can be scary. Getting off paper is a hard habit to break. That meant a successful software rollout required buy-in from both the decision makers and their entire teams – not one without the other.

So we completely overhauled our user-interface with the goal of appealing to both groups of users. Decisions makers needed all the power-user features to help them run a tight ship. Field technicians needed an ultra-simple program that they could learn immediately – that is what mHelpDesk v2 solves for. It’s a software solution that an entire organization can fall in love with.

Reason 2: The Web Application Can Work On Almost Any Device –

We hosted extensive studies on where our customers used mHelpDesk. We found that more and more users are working on mobile phones and tablets. While we have a native mobile app for both iOS and Android, these mobile apps aren’t meant to replace our fully-featured web application. It is meant to be an extension to give field workers further reach.

However, with our newly designed web-application you will have access to every power feature from your mobile device. For instance, user management, powerful reporting, equipment tracking, just to name a few. If you are a power-user, you’ll have access to everything you need on your favorite devices.

Reason 3: We’re Helping Our Customers Win More Jobs

Originally, our software was designed to help service providers get better organized. We did a great job at accomplishing that as we became the #1 Rated software solution for almost every category we competed in.

However, we identified a huge opportunity to help our customers win more jobs. The problem with many field service software solutions is that they only handle the “service” side of the business. They do absolutely nothing for the “sales” side, which is the lifeblood of a business. In the past, businesses were forced to use a separate CRM system to manage their sales, and a completely separate system to manage their service.

What we have done is built an integrated CRM solution into mHelpDesk v2 to help our customers manage their leads. By having visibility over leads, the end result is our customers can win more jobs. The side effect of integrating a CRM into mHelpDesk is that we now bridge the gap between sales and service. There is no more messy double-data entry moving customers between their CRM system and their service management system. We handle both!

Reason 4: We’re just getting started

The last several months was all about building a solid platform to accomplish all of the above. Now that we have that out of the way, we’re hyper-focused on tuning everything and building out the rest of our product roadmap. We’ve learned so much about our customer’s needs and we have a solid development team that continues to grow. You’re going to see a lot of new development from us.

For instance, you’ve asked for SMS (Text Messaging) capabilities and we’re almost ready to release it. Check out the video below:

And we’re providing more visibility over your field technicians with our enhanced Geotagging capabilities. Here’s a sneak preview.

We’ll continue to build out our CRM features, and we’ll continue to build out our service management features. This is a very exciting time for the company!

How to access mHelpDesk 2

mHelpDesk 2 isn’t an automatic switch. We aren’t assuming that everyone likes change so we are slowly rolling it out. If you would like to switch your mHelpDesk 1 account to mHelpDesk 2, just email happy@mhelpdesk.com requesting the switch. Our Customer Happiness team will be more than happy to help you migrate.

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Last modified: January 16, 2018

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