8 Sales Strategies to Grow Your Field Service Business Revenue Fast

Field service businesses that perform tasks like lawn care, cleaning, and plumbing need effective sales strategies that help them increase revenue quickly. Without reliable options to generate revenue, you could find that your business goes through slow periods that make it difficult for you to earn an income and pay your service technicians. Start with these eight sales strategies to make sure your field service business grows quickly.

1. Offer a Discounted Rate for New Customers

Securing a new client takes a lot of effort. Surveys show that 60-70% of sales go to existing customers while only 5-20% of sales go to new customers. Turn new customers into dedicated clients by giving them discounted rates. You won’t make as much money on the first service call, but you get a chance to convert the person into a long-term client.

2. Use Discounts to Encourage Recurring Appointments

You want clients to use your services as often as possible. Encourage them to choose recurring appointments over one-time visits by giving them discounts. For example, you might give a 5% discount to a homeowner that hires you to cut a lawn monthly. Tempt clients to use your services even more by giving them bigger discounts for more frequent appointments.

3. Show Customers the Before and After Photos

Take before and after photos of every job your contractors perform. You can use the pictures to show customers how much they need your services. You can also use your photos to convince potential clients that your business does great work. Instead of taking your word for it, they can see the benefits of choosing your field service company. A good field service solution will let you integrate before and after photos and even allow you to attach them to work orders and estimates to help you win the job.

4. Give Potential Customers Instant Price Quotes Online

Savvy consumers compare prices before hiring contractors. Make it easy for people to get instant quotes from your business by giving them an online form where they can request specific services. With an online form, potential customers can get instant price quotes at any time of day or night. The easier you make the process for them, the more likely they will choose your business.

5. Reward Customers When they Post Reviews

Consumers rely on online reviews to select reliable companies. Research shows that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends. Every positive online review about your business encourages other people to hire you. Get more reviews by rewarding customers for posting about their experiences. For example, you may offer a $5 coupon on someone’s next service call after they post an online review. You can also think about having a good strategy for handling negative online reviews.

6. Expand and Upsell Your Field Service Business’s Offerings

Does your company offer all of the services that your customers want? Talk to your clients about other services that they would like. You may learn that you can serve people better by adding options like snow removal, yard renovations, tree services, and hardscaping to your lawn care company. Once you add services, make sure you try to upsell them to customers. Each client that wants the new service will bring more revenue into your business.

7. Review Your Pricing Strategies

You don’t want other field service companies in your area stealing clients by undercutting your prices. Do some research to see how much competitors in your area charge. Then, you can review your pricing strategies to decide whether you should lower or increase your prices. Lowering your prices means that you make less money on each call. If it attracts more customers, though, your business will earn more. If you can increase your prices, then you automatically earn higher revenues without changing anything else about your business.

8. Explain the Benefits and Urgency of Your Services

Not everyone understands the long-term benefits of hiring your service technicians. Make sure they know how your services will improve their lives. For example, hiring a maid does more than keep a home clean. It also reduces allergens in the house, so your family will feel healthier. Point out “hidden” benefits so more people will see the urgency of hiring you.

Final Thoughts

Specific sales strategies work better for some field service companies than others. Experiment with these to find options that help you earn more money.

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Last modified: August 6, 2019

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