Release Notes for Web App: Payment Receipts, Prioritizing Jobs – Aug. 28, 2018


“Would you like a receipt today?” You asked for it and with today’s release, we are delivering it! You can now offer your customers a payment receipt—read the details below. We’ve also got some exciting enhancements to our Jobs features to help you provide better service to your customers!


Send Payment Receipts to Customers

Within our web app, you now have the ability to email a payment receipt to your customers for all payments received. You can choose to send the receipt on each payment so only those customers who want one will get one.

To send a receipt, open up any Invoice and go to the Payment tab and hit the Receive Payment button, which will open up the screen below. Check Send Receipt, specify who should receive the receipt and hit Save and Send.

Note: This feature is coming to mobile soon! Stay tuned! 


Give Your Best Service to Your Best Customers

Great news! Now you have the ability to prioritize your jobs and assign them a due date.

To enable the Priority and Due Date field, go to any job, click the Customize button and check the appropriate boxes on the Settings tab. The settings you choose will then apply to all your jobs.

To define your priorities and assign them colors, like below, just go to Settings Priorities.

There’s more! You can now sort your job list by priority or due date too.

To see Priority and Due Dates in your job list, go to Jobs Options drop-down button Customize Table Columns. Then check the Priority and Due Date fields and hit Save.



Any questions about sending payment receipts, prioritizing jobs or assigning due dates? Just send us a chat on our web or mobile app!


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Last modified: August 28, 2018

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