Release Notes for Web App: Improvements to Jobs, Customer and Contact Lists – Jan. 23, 2019


We hope 2019 is off to a great start! We’ve hit the ground running and are excited to share the latest improvements with mHelpDesk, which are now live with today’s web release.

To start, we’ve made some back-end changes to the Jobs List and Dashboard, so you’ll see these pages load faster. We’re also continuing our work to improve the look and feel of some of our key pages. The details are below!


New Jobs List

We’ve made some technology updates to the Jobs List to make it load faster.  It works the same as before except that you will need to click the Job ID hyperlink to go into the job instead of clicking anywhere in the row.



New Design for Our Customer List, Contact List and Sales Tax Pages

We’ve updated the designs of our Customer List, Contact List and Sales Tax pages to be able to show you more data at a glance and help reduce horizontal scrolling.

Click the image below to see the new Tax page design up close. You’ll see that we moved the Add Button to the top right corner of the page, so it’s easily accessible.


When you click on the Name link (i.e. MD Sales Tax), you’ll see our new slide-out design, instead of the pop-ups for Adds and Edits you used to see before. Click the image below to see the slide-out design.


Estimate Approvals by Your Customers

Some of you reported issues with customers approving estimates via the email link on approval request emails, especially if they had spam and security tools installed. To improve the experience, the Approve Estimate button will now launch a page in your customers’ browsers where they can approve your estimate.


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Last modified: January 23, 2019

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