Release Notes for Mobile & Web – August 18, 2017

We’re very excited about our new feature that allows you to notify your customers when you’re on the way just with the tap of the button. Read the details below and see what else is new with our mobile and web app!


  • Let your customers know you’re on the way, easily and quickly: Now you’ll be able to send customers a text message from your mobile app to let them know that you’re on the way. You can also choose to send a time estimate (the app will calculate travel time and provide an option for you to send that to your customer) or say “On the way” without sending a time estimate. Access the “On the way” button on the Job or Lead view in the mobile app.

  • Log into the mobile app with your HomeAdvisor credentials: Are you a HomeAdvisor Pro? We’ve made it easy for you to log into our mobile app. Just sign in with your HomeAdvisor credentials. You can also do this when you log into our web app!

Be sure to download the latest version of our mobile app to see these updates!



  • View calendar by teams only: Useful especially for companies with multiple teams, you can now have a streamlined calendar view by selecting to see just team assignments, instead of everyone’s (teams and other members of your company) calendars. Go to Settings > Calendar and go to the “View Calendar by” field and select “Teams and Members” or “Teams Only.”

  • Access “Print”, “Email” and “Download” buttons easier: Based on some user feedback, we’ve added “Print”, “Email” and “Download” buttons at the top of any Job, Estimate or Invoice page. It’s directly to the right of the status link (status is “New” in the screenshot below). We’ve also kept the original “Print”, “Email” and “Download” buttons at the bottom of the page, so you still have access to it there.


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