How Condominium Services Improved Customer Service With mHelpDesk

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Condominium Services is located in Alexandria, Virginia and provides homeowner association management services to communities in Virginia. Kyle and his team have been using mHelpDesk for over one year.

Here’s what Kyle had to say about mHelpDesk…




JORDEN (mHelpDesk): What was life like before mHelpDesk?

KYLE (Condominium Services): Before mHelpDesk, I was flooded with receipts and handwritten hours logged from my 15+ employees. Needless to say it didn’t take long before I started looking for better solutions.

JORDEN (mHelpDesk): How long did it take for you to set up mHelpDesk and start seeing benefits from it?

KYLE (Condominium Services): From when I contacted mHelpDesk, it took about two to three weeks to get fully set up and for me to get the hang of it. It was probably about another couple of weeks for my employees to get used to, although the benefits were almost instant from when my team started using it — mainly because of the logged times per work order and notes they could leave me. mHelpdesk really helped structure everything into one unified system where I could find all of the information needed for payroll and purchases.

JORDEN (mHelpDesk): That’s awesome! So it sounds like mHelpDesk has improved communication between you and your team. Before mHelpDesk did you have to enter data into multiple platforms? For example: having to take written work orders, enter them into a spreadsheet and then copy the data into Quickbooks or another accounting software?

KYLE (Condominium Services): Yes, that’s correct. Before mHelpDesk, I was always having to respond to each employee and follow up to get updates on various jobs. In regards to entering data, I actually had to convert their handwritten notes and receipts and create my own invoices through excel and Microsoft Word, which took quite a bit of time.

One of the biggest benefits with mHelpDesk compared to my company’s old style of doing things, is the benefit of having attachments for each work order. I can now show owners before and after pictures of the work we did and also give my employees pictures of exactly what work needs to be done prior to them going to the property. Sometimes, I even add PDF’s with instructions to help aid their installations.

JORDEN (mHelpDesk): Wow, that’s great. I’m so happy to hear that mHelpDesk has made a difference in your business. How else have you found mHelpDesk to be helpful and or, dare I say it, life-changing?

KYLE (Condominium Services): Haha definitely career changing for sure! The only added benefit I can think of is the accessibility offered with linking services such as Gmail and QuickBooks. The more platforms mHelpDesk can connect to, the more beneficial it’ll be. 

JORDEN (mHelpDesk): Kyle, thank you so much for your time today! If you need anything let us know.

KYLE (Condominium Services):No problem, Jorden!

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