How Feeny Power Uses mHelpDesk To Stress Less, and Live More

Jamie Feeny loves to surf…

Every year he ventures from his home in Vancouver to a beautiful tropical beach somewhere (Hawaii, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, etc) and surfs from sun up to sundown – his way of destressing and decompressing from a year of hard work. But it’s pretty hard for Jamie to run his business from afar when it requires him to personally hold the pieces together. Until now…

Jamie is the owner of Feeny Power and Control Ltd, Vancouver’s #1 Tesla charging installation specialist and premiere electrical contractor. A typical day for Jamie managing a growing business, before he discovered mHelpDesk, was hectic and frustrating. The same issues plagued his business with no foreseeable solution or relief. Not only does Jamie own the company, he handles dispatching and operations too. The biggest headache for Jamie was that no matter which system he used, none of them were able to capture all of the site information needed to invoice, including employee timesheets and inventory, in one system.

This meant that Jamie had to create an inventory tracker on a spreadsheet so that his guys could track inventory in the field. He used this in tandem with T-sheets to track their billable time on the job. But in order to send out a proper invoice, his techs had to record time and materials properly with infinite room for error due to the cluster of systems the team was using. Unfortunately, too many costly errors were being made and Jamie started a year long search for a better way to manage the business he worked so hard to build.

In the meantime, Jamie started to spend more and more of his time correcting the mistakes his techs were making. Looking back, he laughs about how crazy it was. He’d have over five windows open on his computer at any given time, plus, he was paying an accountant $90 an hour to complete data-entry on numbers and variables that he had already spent time double checking!

The system worked, but it caused communication problems company-wide, sucked an enormous amount of time and energy out of Jamie, whose skills could be better applied to other parts of the business, AND gave inaccurate visibility over materials and money his business was losing.

He knew he had to find a solution that could keep everything in the same place and also link up to his accounting software, Quickbooks Online, eliminating the need for his accountant to perform data-entry on his dime.

Feeny Power is the #1 Tesla Installer in Vancouver

When Jamie stumbled upon mHelpDesk, he had no idea the impact it would have on his business and his life in such a short amount of time. He’s been able to take his accounting bill from $2100 a month to $500 a month. Not to mention, having a centralized system has eliminated the biggest headaches in Jamie’s business thus improving his quality of everyday life.

Now, Jamie is able to dispatch his techs, keep track of all client information, hours and inventory in one place with very little room for error in the process. His techs are clear on what they need to do and can close out jobs themselves while still in the field, saving Jamie thousands in outsourced accounting and data-entry fees. When the techs have entered their site information at the end of a job, ¾ of the invoice is built, and Jamie can then turn the jobs into invoices with the push of a button, instead of having to pull information from multiple spreadsheets and enter everything into Quickbooks to create an invoice.

Another benefit for Jamie is the ability to create a company that is self-sustainable by using technology such as mHelpDesk to multiply each team members’ effectiveness and consolidate their responsibilities. Part of being an entrepreneur is creating a business that supports the life you want. Jamie has his heart set on spending extended periods of time in Nicaragua and in order to do this, he needs a system that allows his business to continue running in Vancouver in his absence.

With mHelpDesk, he’ll be able to train one of his top employees to handle operations while he’s abroad, and he’ll be able to check on business performance anytime he wants simply by logging in.

That’s the beauty and power of mHelpDesk.

Jamie can surf all morning and check on his business at lunch from his cell phone — worry-free, headache-free. He can even communicate with his team through mHelpDesk free of international charges! Ahhh, life is sweet, isn’t it?

We’re delighted that mHelpDesk is empowering business owners like Jamie to live life on their own terms while running businesses they love and are proud of. Stress-free, Jamie can hang loose now with mHelpDesk as his mobile office manager.

How will you stress less and live more in 2017? Let us know in the comments!

Last modified: July 22, 2019

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