To the Service Pro Undecided About Field Service Software…

…From a Service Pro Who Was Once In Your Shoes

A Service Pro’s Guide to Evaluating Field Service Software
Part 1

Are you on the fence about field service software, wondering whether it’s worth the investment? Maybe you’ve checked out some field service software systems, but you’re not even sure what features or options you should care about. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the various systems to choose from and not sure who to trust. Maybe you’re frustrated after picking a system that didn’t work out.

Meet Michael Medley. He was in the same boat as you. 

As an entrepreneur and service pro, Michael had used several customer management systems before finally looking into field service software.

Selecting software, especially when you’re new to the technology, is not easy. Michael didn’t let the process of evaluating software stall him or his team. He just looked at one important factor at a time.

In this new mHelpDesk News series, we’ll share the 7 factors Michael advises service pros to consider when choosing field service software, factors he examined himself and ultimately why he chose mHelpDesk after trying other systems. First, a little more on Michael! 

About Michael

Michael Medley owns Indoor Air Quality Services LLC, which provides evidence-based guidance for removing and preventing the future buildup of allergens and toxins within buildings throughout the Greater Atlanta Area.

Michael first looked into field service software to organize, streamline and error-proof his business processes — popular reasons why service pros start to look into field service automation and technology.

After thinking through his important considerations, he chose mHelpDesk and has now used the system for several years. He and his team have seen tremendous results, especially with the time they’re able to save, but more on that later! 

Let’s dig into the factors he used to settle on the right field service software provider, which are likely the same things you’re thinking about too.

Factor #1 to Evaluating Field Service Software: Price

To start, Michael recommends that service pros consider price, a good place to start as people naturally think about price before they think about value. But Michael also advises pros to think beyond price too and consider the long-terms benefits of a solution and what’s really going to get your company from just growth to exponential growth.

Here’s what he shared:

Click here to read Michael’s customer appreciation letter to mHelpDesk >>

Factor #2 to Evaluating Field Service Software: Customizability

Customizability was also top on Michael’s list. Many field service softwares are a one-size-fits-all solution, but Michael hones in on the benefit of having a system that really works for your business and caters to your needs, processes, customer relationships and so on–which is specific to each business.

Here’s what he shared:

Click here to read Michael’s customer appreciation letter to mHelpDesk >>

About Custom Forms and Fields in mHelpDesk:
Service pros can take any paper-based form they’re using and replicate those fields in mHelpDesk. They can also add an array of custom fields to create existing or brand new custom punch lists, inspection forms and data collection forms that can be used in the field or in the office.

Custom Forms – mHelpDesk


Service pros – What factors are most important to you when considering software? Or what was on your short list when buying field service software? Share with us in our comments. Also tune in next Friday for the continuation of this series and more tips from Michael! 

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Last modified: October 25, 2018

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