Release Notes – July 8, 2015

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About this update

Our latest software release includes some incredible features. We’ve improved our new text messaging capabilities, simplified our ticket/lead status change, added features to time-stamping, and launched our new item grouping system!

New Features

* Receive text notifications for new and assigned leads

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* Receive text message responses from customers (also logs customer responses as notes in job/ticket)

* Change ticket statuses by responding to the job’s text message with a numeric text responses

* New product/services feature allowing users to create groups of products/services that can be added to estimates and invoices (e.g. bundled pricing for products/services)

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* General enhancements to MHD version 2 for page size consistency

* Display of loading message when adding a log notes to tickets

* Set system default for new accounts to open/new ticket list view.

* New enhanced customer logging: notes, emails, payments, invoices, estimates, and ticket activity

* Timestamping events: item deletion from invoices/estimates/tickets, and payment collection/deletion

* Enable display of team under the phone list

* Correction to formatting of estimates in print view (to display bullet points)

* Better naming and ordering of text message notification templates

* Updated notification settings page for general usability (look/feel)

* Current text feature users: two keywords need to be swapped for customer text reminder template:
_Portal.Phone_ keyword will need to be replaced with _MyCompanyPhone_
_Portal.Name_ will need to be replaced with _MyCompanyName_

To find out more details and how to use these features, check out Vincent’s video as he explains them to the mHelpDesk team.



* Fix to ensure optimized access to MHD tickets via the short link included in the text notifications

* Fix for customer issue related to incorrect email showing in portal

* Fix for intermittent issue preventing the deletion of a job/ticket

* Fix for issue related non-display of contact information when first/last name is not present

* Fix for issue with appointments not receiving text message notifications if appointment created using Map

* Correction to formatting of estimates in print view (to display bullet points)

* Fix for isolated issue with a customer “Template Cell Property Error” when updating work order templates

* Fix for intermittent issue with email to ticket redirects between MHD version 1 and MHD version 2

* Fixed intermittent issue where custom filters do not work when enabling filtered view for “all jobs”

* Fix for intermittent issue preventing ability to uncheck approved items on an estimate

* Fix for intermittent browser issue which does not display the option to sign an estimate

* Fix for estimate templates to prevent item fields from being displayed on a second estimate page

* Fix for the Invoice.PO Number keyword to pull the correct information

* Fix to enable estimate searches to return results for parent customer records, as well as service location

* Correction to work order email templates to ensure display of logo and description information

* Fix for issue which does not display the Home advisor review link from the invoice template

* Fix for isolated issue where email template custom fields populate in green font rather than black font

* Fix to prevent a 4000 character limit error when sending estimates via email

* Fix to re-enable visibility and access to the _Subject_ keyword in templates

* Fix for intermittent portal issue that does not populate keywords for a limited number of customer portals

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Release Notes – July 8, 2015

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