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About this update

We sent out an email last weekend to let our customers know about our most recent software update. Here is more information on what’s been updated and how it will help you:

mHelpDesk Web Application:

  • Accept deposits: If you’re using our estimate feature, you’ll now be able to take deposits toward the customer’s job.

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  • Custom lead statuses: A much-requested feature, you can now create custom lead statuses and add new lead statuses to match your business’s needs and workflow.

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  • Customer-centric logs and event time stamping: If you regularly use our lead and job logs, you’ll be happy to know that we now have a new customer log that gives you the same visibility at the customer record level.
  • Text messaging for HomeAdvisor leads: We’ve enhance our text message alert capabilities to work with imported HomeAdvisor leads. In addition, we have a new text message template that you can use to send “lead received” confirmations to customers so you’re top of mind when you contact them.
  • Staff profile management: In preparation for more robust job cost reports in future releases, we’ve included new data fields that allow you to enter staff wages. The three new data fields are billable hourly pay, non-billable hourly pay, and % commission.

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  • Changes and bug fixes: In addition to all the new features, this release also includes many bug fixes for the web application including updates for item groups, text messaging, message template keywords and more.  More information on fixes in this release:
    • Fix for issue preventing the move of fields over when copying a ticket.
    • Fix to correct issue preventing custom reports from being created using the Internet Explorer web browser.
    • Fix for isolated issue with error message appearing when accessing equipment functions.
    • Fix to issue related to the _billto_ field pulling incorrect data into templates.
    • Fix to correct intermittent issue with customer email “from” address being incorrectly displayed in their when sending emails from within mHelpDesk.
    • Fix to correct the information for template keywords: _ParentCustomerName_, _ServiceLocationName_, and _CustomerName_.
    • Fix for isolated issue with customer template header information when using the _ServiceLocationNotes_ keyword.
    • Fix for intermittent issue causing recurring invoices to be sent within minutes when set to recur monthly.

mHelpDesk Mobile App (iOS & Android):

  • Version 1.306 Released: We’ve deployed an update to our mobile app; it’s available for you to install and start using now! The release included both enhancements and bug fixes: fix for log notes when sending estimates using the mobile app, fix to not display deleted work orders, time and material copy functions for invoices, fix for GPS on/off settings, and much more.

As always, please contact our Customer Happiness team ( with any questions or concerns!

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