Release Notes for Mobile – May 3, 2017


Today we made some performance enhancements to our mobile app and added some new features. Here’s what’s new:
Customer equipment: We added more ways for you to manage customer equipment from your jobs in the mobile app. With this release, you can not only view all customer equipment details (such as name, description and custom fields), but you’ll also be able to edit customer equipment details, add new customer equipment, search for existing equipment, and remove customer equipment from jobs. Check it out here:



Push notifications: We also added a few more push notifications to help you manage your jobs and estimates. You’ll receive a push notification if you were assigned a job, when a job appointment has been scheduled for you, and when a customer approves your estimate.

Appointments: After listening to all of your feedback and requests, we also added an easier way to view your upcoming appointments at a glance. When viewing your job list, you’ll notice important details regarding any jobs that have an upcoming appointment.

The mobile update is now live on Android and iOS! Please download the latest version of the app to make the most of these features.

Note from the mHelpDesk product team: Your feedback is incredibly important to us! If you’re interested in helping us beta test our new typeahead search (an improvement on our current job and customer search bar), please let us know and we’ll enable it in your account to try out. We can’t wait to hear what you think!


Reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via phone +1(888)558-6275 ext. 2 or email ( with any questions or concerns!

Last modified: July 17, 2017

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