Release Notes – April 26, 2015

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* When using the Mobile App auto “assign to” rules when creating new tickets.
* Fix for issue w/ auto-populating customer contact information.
* Enhancements to log GPS coordinates for specific ticket events.
* When using an iPad images of a certain size will not display fully on the screen (partial display of full image).
* Fix for the Leads module to allow selecting items from the drop down list when creating estimates.
* Fix for deleting start timer when timer items are deleted.
* Fix to re-enable the option to “call” in the Android App.
* Fix to allow Items Box on Mobile App to open To Search and add an Item.
* Fix for feature to hide columns in Work Order PDF.
* Fix to prevent data values from periodically disappearing in Android App data fields.
* Fix to prevent loading screen on Mobile App from hanging/freezing.
* Fix for jobs list in Mobile App not functioning after grouping/sorting by status when viewing jobs of existing customer.

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